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Legend combinations for IUCN Red List Spatial Data



The text in the legend field of the IUCN Red List spatial data is used to determine the symbology for the display of polygons and points. The legend is derived from a combination of the values of the 'presence', 'origin' and 'seasonal' attributes.


For example:


  • presence = 1 (Extant); origin = 2 (Reintroduced); seasonal = 2 (Breeding season) maps to 'Extant & Reintroduced (breeding)'

  • presence  = 3 (Possibly Extant); origin = 1 (Native); seasonal = 1 (Resident) maps to 'Possibly Extant (resident)'

As well as listing the legend for combinations of  'presence', 'origin' and 'seasonal', the  Legend combinations in Spatial Data document also contains a table giving the individual codes for 'presence', 'origin' and 'seasonal'.  


 (updated: December 2018)

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