• Celebrating 50 Years of The IUCN Red List

    30 January 2014 -
    Throughout 2014 we are celebrating the significant contribution of The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species in guiding conservation action and policy decisions over the past 50 years. The IUCN...
  • Online IUCN Red List training course now available in Spanish and French.

    Online IUCN Red List Course now in French and Spanish

    08 April 2014 -
    Since the first module was released in June 2013, the online IUCN Red List training course Assessing...
  • Volunteers learning how to identify Hawkweed species at a newly-discovered infestation
Photo: Rod McQueen

    Australian Alps in better health thanks to volunteers

    07 April 2014 -
    Involving volunteers in environmental projects is a great way to tackle environmental issues as well as offering people the chance to experience the physical and mental health benefits of...
  • Lucy Diagne measures a West African Manatee
Photo: Tomas Diagne

    Manatee hunters turned fish-keepers

    07 April 2014 -
    The West African Manatee (Trichechus senegalensis) is the least studied mammal in Africa despite having a range larger than the United States: encompassing 21 African countries. At the...
  • Schisandra fruit

    Better and better

    07 April 2014 -
    An award-winning project involving the sustainable collection of a medicinal plant by village cooperatives in protected panda habitat in central China is bringing benefits for people, wildlife...