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IUCN Red List Training Workshops

Red List assessors need to have a good understanding of the Red List assessment process, the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria, and the supporting information requirements for assessments. For regional and national Red Lists, assessors must also understand how to apply the IUCN Red List Categories and Criteria at sub-global levels.

Red List training is essential for new assessors and is useful to help refresh skills, even for experienced Red List assessors. One option for providing this training is through an IUCN Red List Assessor Training Workshop.



Red List Assessor Training Workshop Curriculum

The IUCN Red List Assessor Training Workshop uses a mixture of presentations, exercises and practical sessions to give participants the best opportunity to learn how to prepare high-quality extinction risk assessments using IUCN Red List methodology.

Duration and specific content of the workshop varies depending on the needs of the participants (for example, whether the training is for a global or a national Red List project). A full 4-day workshop would typically cover the following topics:


  • What the IUCN Red List is and how it is used
  • The terms used in the IUCN Red List Criteria and their definitions
  • Data quality and uncertainty
  • The IUCN Red List Categories
  • The IUCN Red List Criteria
  • Regional and national Red List assessments
  • Supporting information requirements for IUCN Red List assessments, including standards for preparing distribution maps
  • Appropriate Red List data storage and management



Hosting an IUCN Red List Assessor Training Workshop

A growing network of certified IUCN Red List Trainers is in place to help facilitate training workshops. However, please be aware that preparing for a Red List training workshop often involves a many months of preparation, particularly for larger workshops. If you would like to learn more about what is involved in hosting a training workshop, including potential costs, please read the IUCN Red List Assessor Training Workshop Terms and Conditions.


To request Red List Trainers to facilitate a training workshop, please contact the IUCN Red List Unit.

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