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European Red List of selected endemic shrubs

Shrubs are evergreen or deciduous woody plants with multiple stems branching from or near the ground. This European Red List of selected endemic shrubs encompasses the conservation status of 262 selected endemic European shrub species. These shrubs were selected because they are large (over 0.5 metres in height) and endemic to Europe. The report found that 48.5% of endemic shrub species that have been assessed are threatened in Europe.

The greatest risk to these shrub species are invasive alien and problematic native species; whilst alien invasive species are the largest threat within this category, native species are also a significant problem, for example where traditional management practices have declined. These types of species directly compete with shrubs, degrade habitat, or aid in the spread of pests and disease. Livestock farming, fires (and fire suppression), and tourism and urban development are also significant threats to shrub species.

The list of species assessed is available as Supplementary Material.

Wilson, B., Beech, E., Window, J., Allen, D.J. and Rivers, M. (2019). European Red List of selected endemic shrubs. Brussels and Cambridge: IUCN. Available at:

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