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The status and distribution of Mediterranean butterflies

There are 463 recorded butterfly species within the Mediterranean region, of which 98 are endemic. This publication reveals that almost 5% of the species assessed are threatened with extinction and that 79% of those threatened species are endemic. The main threat to butterflies is habitat loss due to the changes in the management of semi-natural grasslands either through intensification, overgrazing or abandonment.

Numa, C., van Swaay, C., Wynhoff, I., Wiemers, M., Barrios, V., Allen, D., Sayer, C., López Munguira, M., Balletto, E., Benyamini, D., Beshkov, S., Bonelli, S., Caruana, R., Dapporto, L., Franeta, F., Garcia-Pereira, Karaçetin, E., Katbeh-Bader, A., Maes, D., Micevski, N., Miller, R., Monteiro, E., Moulai, R., Nieto, A., Pamperis , L., Pe’er , G., Power, A., Šašić, M., Thompson, K., Tzirkalli, E., Verovnik, R., Warren, M. and Welch, H. 2016. The status and distribution of Mediterranean butterflies. IUCN, Malaga, Spain.

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