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Marine Distributions

For marine species, country records have been provided wherever possible. This information has been derived from a number of sources; for example, FishBase and the many publications by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO).

For many marine species, especially those that are strictly marine, the FAO Fishing Areas occupied by the species are also shown. For inland water species, only country occurences are shown, however the inland water bodies these species occur in are summarized in the geographic range text for these species.

FAO Fishing Areas (map; FAO area details)
[Area 1 to 08 (Inland waters)]
Area 18 (Arctic Sea)
Area 21 (Atlantic, Northwest)
Area 27 (Atlantic, Northeast)
Area 31 (Atlantic, Western Central)
Area 34 (Atlantic, Eastern Central)
Area 37 (Mediterranean and Black Sea)
Area 41 (Atlantic, Southwest)
Area 47 (Atlantic, Southeast)
Area 48 (Atlantic, Antarctic)
Area 51 (Indian Ocean, Western)
Area 57 (Indian Ocean, Eastern)
Area 58 (Indian Ocean, Antarctic and Southern)
Area 61 (Pacific, Northwest)
Area 67 (Pacific, Northeast)
Area 71 (Pacific, Western Central)
Area 77 (Pacific, Eastern Central)
Area 81 (Pacific, Southwest)
Area 87 (Pacific, Southeast)
Area 88 (Pacific, Antarctic)

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