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Regional Red List Status of Carnivores in the Arabian Peninsula

A Regional Red List Workshop for the carnivores of the Arabian Peninsula took place 8-10 February 2011. The aim of the workshop was to assess the regional conservation status of terrestrial carnivores in the Arabian Peninsula. The information provided here will help to put national conservation priorities into a regional context, thus maximising the effectiveness of local and national conservation measures, and facilitating the development of integrated regional conservation strategies. This Red List publication summarizes results for terrestrial carnivores and provides the first overview of the conservation status of these species to follow IUCN Regional Red Listing guidelines. It identifies species that are threatened with extinction at the regional level – in order that appropriate conservation action can be taken to improve their status.

Available to download.

Mallon, D. and Budd, K. (editors). 2011. Regional Red List Status of Carnivores in the Arabian Peninsula. IUCN, Gland, Switzerland and EPAA, Sharjah, UAE.

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