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Rare animals and plants of the Mediterranean region: a symposium of the Survival Service

Includes bibliographic references. Documents are in English and/or French. Also issued as a supplement to: La terre et la vie, 1959. According to the list of publications from IUCN Technical Meetings, v.3 was to be published as "Natural aquatic resources" and v.4 was to be entitled "Rates of run-off and evaporation". However, "Natural aquatic resources" was issued as v.4. V.3 appears not to have been issued.

This publication includes both French and English  text. Available to download.

IUCN Survival Service. 1959-1960. 1959. Rare animals and plants of the Mediterranean region : symposium of the Survival Service. Report from the 7th Technical Meeting, Athens, Greece (11-19 September 1958). IUCN, Brussels, Belgium.

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