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Guidelines for Appropriate Uses of IUCN Red List Data (Version 3.0)

The Guidelines for Appropriate Uses of IUCN Red List Data (version 3.0) are available in English.

This document include Annexes with additional guidelines for reporting on the proportion of species that are threatened, guidelines on the scientific collecting of threatened species, and guidelines on appropriate use of IUCN Red List data for business. Each of these Annexes is made available here as a separate stand-alone document:

  • Annex 1. Guidelines for Reporting on Proportion Threatened (version 1.1). Available in English.

  • Annex 2. Guidelines on the Implementation of the "IUCN Policy Statement on Research Involving Species at Risk of Extinction", with special reference to Scientific Collecting of Threatened Species (version 1.0). Available in English.

  • Annex 3. Guidelines for the Appropriate Use of the IUCN Red List for Business (version 1.0). Available in English.


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