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European Red List of Habitats. Part 1. Marine habitats

This publication summarises the results of the European Red List of marine habitats. It provides an overview on the character, extent and status of benthic marine habitat types through assessments undertaken between 2013 and 2016. The results are presented at two geographic levels: across the EU28 and EU28+, the latter including parts of Russia and Norway, as well as Montenegro, Bosnia, Albania, Turkey, Ukraine and Georgia.

Gubbay, S., Sanders, N., Haynes, T., Janssen, J.A.M., Rodwell, J.R., Nieto, A., García Criado, M., Beal, S., Borg, J., Kennedy, M., Micu, D., Otero, M. Saunders, G. and Calix, M. 2016. European Red List of Habitats. Part 1. Marine habitats. Luxembourg: Publications Office of the European Union, 2016.

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