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The conservation status and distribution of Mediterranean saproxylic beetles

This report summarizes the results for a key group of Mediterranean biodiversity: saproxylic beetles. Despite their key role in the ecosystem´s health and food chain, saproxylic beetles are still largely misunderstood and the current information gaps on these species´ population status, trends, and distribution are a reflection of how little we still know about them. The geographical scope followed for this assessment is the Mediterranean region according to the Mediterranean Basin Biodiversity Hotspot, with the exception of the Macaronesian islands, which have not been included in this study. All the obligate saproxylic beetles endemic or almost endemic to the Mediterranean region – 320 species and 1 subspecies – are included.

García, N., Numa, C., Bartolozzi, L., Brustel, H., Buse, J., Norbiato, M., Recalde, J.I., Zapata, J.L., Dodelin, B., Alcázar, E., Barrios, V., Verdugo, A., Audisio, P., Micó, E., Otero, J. C., Bahillo, P., Viñolas, A., Valladares, L., Méndez, M., El Antry, S. and Galante, E. (2018). The conservation status and distribution of Mediterranean saproxylic beetles. IUCN: Malaga, Spain.

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