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The conservation status of Sharks, Rays and Chimaeras in the Mediterranean Sea

An analysis of threat levels across all sharks, rays and chimaeras has revealed the Mediterranean Sea as a key hotspot of extinction risk. Seventy-seven species are recorded from the Mediterranean Sea. Excluding four species that are considered to be either vagrant, probably vagrant, or Lessepsian immigrants from the Red Sea, more than half of the species assessed, 39 of 73 species, are regionally threatened; 31 are most imperilled in the Critically Endangered (20 species) and Endangered (11) categories (Figure 1). On a global scale, of the 20 species of sharks, rays and chimaeras that have been assessed as Critically Endangered, seven have some part of their distribution in the Mediterranean Sea. Of the other 13 regionally CR species, the Mediterranean Sea part of their population is more threatened than the remainder of their global range.

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Dulvy, N.K., Allen, D.J., Ralph, G.M. and Walls, R.H.L. 2016. The conservation status of Sharks, Rays and Chimaeras in the Mediterranean Sea [Brochure]. IUCN, Malaga, Spain.

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