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European Red List of Saproxylic Beetles

Saproxylic beetles are insects that depend on dead and decaying wood for at least part of their lifecycle and play important ecological roles in European habitats. The current IUCN European Red List provides an assessment of 693 species of saproxylic beetles. In 2008, following a two-year project, a total of 436 species were assessed. In this report (2017-18), an additional selection of 257 species were assessed.

A separate PDF listing the species included in this report and their IUCN Red List status is available: Supplementary Material to the IUCN European Red List of Saproxylic Beetles.

Cálix, M., Alexander, K.N.A., Nieto, A., Dodelin, B., Soldati, F., Telnov, D., Vazquez-Albalate, X., Aleksandrowicz, O., Audisio, P., Istrate, P., Jansson, N., Legakis, A., Liberto, A., Makris, C., Merkl, O., Mugerwa Pettersson, R., Schlaghamersky, J., Bologna, M.A., Brustel, H., Buse, J., Novák, V. and Purchart, L. 2018. European Red List of Saproxylic Beetles. Brussels, Belgium: IUCN.

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