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Red List Spatial Data

The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species contains assessments for just over 76,000 species, of which about two-thirds have spatial data. This spatial data provided below is for comprehensively assessed taxonomic groups. It is important to note that some species such as those listed as Data Deficient are not mapped and subspecies are mapped within the parental species. The data is available as ESRI shapefiles format and contains the known range of each species. Ranges are depicted as polygons. DBF files accompanying contain taxonomic information, distribution status, IUCN Red List category, sources and other details about the maps (see metadata document).

Please note that the files are large and download times could be quite lengthy. Please be aware that not all species have spatial data due to Data Deficient species not being consistently mapped and subspecies beginning included within parental species polygons.

For ease of distribution and downloading, the data is divided by taxonomic groups.

The data is made freely available to the public for non-commercial use, to help inform conservation planning and other decision making processes (see Terms and Conditions of Use). For more information about the assessment process, see Red List Assessment Process. Please note that unfortunately we cannot provide technical support for use of the data in analyses or general GIS support.

For all enquiries about spatial data, please contact the IUCN Red List GIS Unit.

More information about Spatial data resources here.

Note: A species richness page will be available shortly. 

Main Dataset

Specific Group(s)

Descriptions and species lists

Mammals Click to Download709MB
Marine Mammals Click to Download340MB Includes mammal families for seals, sea lions and walrus, whales, dolphins and porpoises, manatees and dugongs.
Terrestrial Mammals Click to Download339MB Excludes mammal families for seals, sea lions and walrus, whales, dolphins and porpoises, manatees and dugongs.
Amphibians Click to Download222MB
Tailless AmphibiansClick to Download200MB Species from the order Anura as a shapefile.
Tailed AmphibiansClick to Download21MB Species from the order Caudata as a shapefile.
Caecilian AmphibiansClick to Download1.2MB Species from the order Gymnophiona shapefile.
BirdLife International is the IUCN Red Listing Authority for birds and maintains the most up to date information on global bird distributions. To request a copy of the shapefiles of species range maps for threatened birds, please visit the BirdLife Data Zone here.
ReptilesClick to Download219MB (not comprehensive)
Sea SnakesClick to Download42MB Sea-snake spatial data includes the true sea-snakes, mud-snakes and file snakes as a shapefile.
Marine FishClick to Download1.3GB (not comprehensive)
AngelfishClick to Download54MB Species from the family Pomacanthidae.
Combtooth BlenniesClick to Download297MB Species from the family Blenniidae.
Bonefishes and TarponsClick to Download23MB Species from the family Albulidae, Elopidae and Megalopidae.
ButterflyfishClick to Download110MB Species from the family Chaetodontidae.
DamselfishClick to Download12MB Species from the family Pomacentridae.
GroupersClick to Download115MB Species from the family Epinephelidae.
PufferfishClick to Download136MB Species from the family Tetraodontidae.
Sea Bream and PorgiesClick to Download129MB Species from the family Sparidae.
Surgeonfish, Tangs and UnicornfishClick to Download105MB Species from the family Acanthuridae.
WrasseClick to Download396MB Species from the family Labridae.
Tunas and BillfishesClick to Download160MB Species from the family Istiophoridae, Scombridae and Xiphiidae.
Marine Groups 
Cone SnailsClick to Download416MB The ranges are available as a single shapefile for all cone snail species (family Conidae).
CoralsClick to Download1.2GB The ranges are available as three shapefiles via families for all warm water reef-building coral species.  
LobstersClick to Download216MB The ranges are available as a single shapefile for lobster species from the families: Enoplometopidae, Glyphediae, Nephropidae, Polychelidae and Scyllaridae.
MangrovesClick to Download107MB The ranges are available as a single shapefile for plant species considered to form part of the mangrove ecosystem.
Sea CucumbersClick to Download216MB The ranges are available as a single shapefile for all commerical sea cucumber species (class Holothuroidea).
SeagrassesClick to Download52MB The ranges are available as a single shapefile for all seagrass species.
Freshwater Species
Eastern HimalayasClick to Download1GB Eastern Himalaya Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment
Indo-BurmaClick to Download1.8GB Indo-Burma Freshwater Assessment
Pan AfricaClick to Download986MB Pan-Africa Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment
Western GhatsClick to Download33MB Western Ghats Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment
European FishClick to Download361MB European Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment