SIS News and Updates


News and Updates 

January 2014

  • New Use and Trade module has been released - Use/Trade assessments can now be done externally to the Red List assessment. More details and help on this to follow

November 2013

  • Common Names list has English, French and Spanish options at the beginning of the drop-down list.
  • In Habitats and Ecology, for Coded Habitats, 'Suitable' is now the default value for the Suitability field
  • In Coded Habitats, the Suitability code of 'Possible' has been changed to 'Unknown'
  • In Threats, for Coded Threats, the Timing field has a default 'Ongoing' value now
  • Biogeographic realms has a link to the realms distribution in SIS, for easy access and use.
  • For Country Occurrence, LME and FAO, in the Presence field, the option 'Extinct' is changed 'Extinct Post-1500'
  • For Country Occurrence, LME and FAO, the option 'Pre-historically introduced' has been deleted, and records re-assigned to 'Introduced'

September 2013

  • Working sets now can be searched by typing the name in the search box that appears. This will make it a lot easier that having to scroll down the list to find a particular working set