Red List Trainers

In past years, IUCN Red List Training has relied on a small number of people to facilitate Red List Training workshops. Often requests for training workshops have had to be turned down because of a lack of available trainers. Without reliable training, the process of preparing high-quality assessments is made difficult as Assessors have no structured guidance to help them fully understand the rules and requirements for IUCN Red List assessments.

To address this issue, IUCN has developed a Red List Trainer certificate course aimed at people with good Red List experience who would like to become IUCN Red List Trainers. Expanding the global network of Red List Trainers has many practical advantages, including:

  • Increasing the number of Red List Training workshops that can be held around the world.

  • Broadening the range of trainers with diverse language skills and first-hand knowledge of local biodiversity and conditions.

  • Widening the range of non-English language translations of IUCN Red List documents and training materials.

Red List Trainer Workshops

The IUCN Red List Trainer course is taught through a 3-day workshop designed to provide motivated Red List Assessors, Red List Authority Coordinators, and global and regional assessment project staff the skills to teach the IUCN Red List Assessor Training course. The workshop emphasizes developing facilitation skills, provides advice on training techniques and organizing training workshops (specifically referring to the IUCN Red List Training workshop format), and gives guidance on answering the range of questions that commonly arise when training new Red List Assessors. After successfully completing the Red List Trainer course, new trainers will benefit from:

  • An IUCN Red List Trainer certificate proving their aptitude for providing Red List Training.

  • Provision of presentations and materials needed to facilitate IUCN Red List Assessor Training workshops

  • Updates on opportunities to facilitate IUCN Red List Assessor Training workshops

  • Regular contact with other Red List Trainers to share training experiences

  • Direct access to new and updated training materials as these become available

The next IUCN Red List Trainer workshop will be held in Arizona State University, Arizona, USA on 13-15 October, 2017. This workshop is now fully subscribed. Details of future workshops will be posted on this page as these become available.

The IUCN Red List Trainer workshop is available to experienced Red List Assessors and Red List assessment project managers. To find out more about becoming an IUCN Red List Trainer, please contact the IUCN Red List Unit.

Participants of IUCN Red List Trainers' Workshop, Cambridge, UK (June 2013)Participants of IUCN Red List Trainers' Workshop, Cambridge, UK (June 2014)Participants of preliminary IUCN Red List Trainers' Workshop, Cambridge, UK (December 2011)

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