Online IUCN Red List Training Course

In an effort to improve the availability of Red List training around the world, IUCN, in collaboration with The Nature Conservancy (TNC), has developed the online IUCN Red List Training course.

Online Course Content

The online Red List Training course "Assessing Species' Extinction Risk using IUCN Red List Methodology" includes all of the topics covered in a typical IUCN Red List Assessor Training workshop, with some additional lessons that allow the learner to explore some aspects of the Red List Categories and Criteria in more detail. The course structure involves seven modules.

French and Spanish Versions

On 1st April 2014, the French and Spanish versions of the online IUCN Red List Training course were released making the course available for the first time in all three official IUCN languages.

Course Availability

The online IUCN Red List Training course is hosted by the ConservationTraining website. ConservationTraining is an open, online learning resource that provides high-quality educational content on a broad range of conservation issues.

The course is free, self-paced, and available to anyone with an internet connection and who wants to learn more about the IUCN Red List and how to prepare high-quality Red List assessments. It is designed to provide open access to training without having to rely on the availability of a Red List Assessor Training workshop.

Please note that this is not intended to be an academic course; the final course certificate is not a professional qualification. To become a successful IUCN Red List Assessor you will need to use the knowledge gained from the course to carry out Red List assessments and have these accepted for publication.