The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™ is compiled and produced by the IUCN Species Programme based on contributions from a network of thousands of scientific experts around the world. These include members of the IUCN Species Survival Commission Specialist Groups, IUCN Red List Partners, and many others, including experts from universities, museums, research institutes and non-governmental organizations. The list of contributors to the 2008 update of the Red List appears below under the section 'Assessors and Evaluators'. Contributors to subsequent updates will be added to that section in due course. Specific acknowledgements and credits for the various assessment projects are provided here.

Global Amphibian Assessment

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Global Mammal Assessment

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Freshwater Biodiversity Assessment

IUCN would like to acknowledge those donors whose financial contributions support freshwater biodiversity assessments; European Commission (EC); North of England Zoological Society (Chester Zoo); Conservation International; Esmée Fairbairn Foundation; Global Environment Facility through the 2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership; IUCN Water and Nature Initiative (WANI); Junta de Andalucia; MAVA Foundation (through the IUCN Mediterranean Regional Office for Cooperation); The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS); Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation; Spanish Ministry of Environment and Wetlands International.

We would also like to acknowledge the all the scientific experts from around the world that have underpinned the freshwater species assessments. Without these enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers, this analysis would not be possible.

E. Abban, A. Abdelhamid, O. Akinsola, E. Akinyi Odhiambo, M. Ali, A. Amadi, G. Ameka, K. Amoako, M. Angliss, C. Appleton, F.Y.K. Attipoe, A. Awaiss, M. Baninzi, R. Barbieri, J. Bayona, C. Bigirimana, R. Bills, E. Bizuru, N.G. Bogutskaya, J.-P. Boudot, L. Boulos, T. Bousso, R. Brummett, J. Cambray, J.A.G. Carmona, M. Cheek, A. Chilala, S. Chimatiro, V. Clausnitzer, F-L. Clotilde-Ba, W. Coetzer, A.J. Crivelli, N. Cumberlidge, B. Curtis, L. Da Costa, M. Dagou Diop, M. Dakki, F. Daniels, S. Daniels, F.S. Darboe, G.M. De Bélair, F. De Moor, L. De Vos, C. Dening Touokong, M. Diedhiou, E. Dieme-Amting, K.-D. Dijkstra, B. Elvira, J. Engelbrecht, M. Entsua-Mensah, F. Erk'akan, S.A.F. Ferreira, W. Foden, J. Freyhof, M. Ghamizi, J.-P. Ghogue, N. Gichuki, P. Giorgio Bianco, M. Goren, P. Grillas, W. Hagemeijer, C. Hamallah Diagana, G. Howard, H. Howege, A. Ibala Zamba, D. Impson, S. Issa Sylla, H. James, D. Johnson, A. Jørgensen, M. Jovic, V. Kalkman, A. Kane, C. Kapasa, A. Karatash, E. Kaunda, J. Kazembe, J. Kipping, J. Kisakye, M. Kottelat, M. Kraiem, T.K. Kristensen, J. Kruger, F. Krupp, R. Kyambadde, P. Laleye, C. Lange, P.V. Loiselle, T. Lowe, M. Madeleine Manga, P. Mafabi, Z. Magombo, A. Mahamane, P. Makocho, V. Mamonekene, B. Marshall, G. McGregor Reid, A. McIvor, F. Médail, E. Michel, T. Moelants, N. Mollel, K.A. Monney, R. Monsembula, M. Mrakovcic, Mubbala, A. Muhweezi, M. Mutekanga, B. Mwangi, K. Naidoo, S. Ndey Bibuya Ifuta, A. Ndiaye, G. Ndiritu, B. Ndodet, B. Ngatunga, C. Ngereza, F. Niang Diop, A. Nicanor Mbe Tawe, F. Nicayenzi, G. Ntakimazi, M. Nyaligu, T. Nzabi, L. Nzeyimana, P. Ochieng Mbeke, S.S. Ogbogu, B. Olaosebikan, J.M. Onana, O. Opoye Itoua, L. Ouédraogo, D. Oyugi, L. Potter, V. Pouomogne, M. Povz, V. Prié, L. Rhazi, E. Riservato, J. Sa, B. Sambou, B. Samraoui, M. Samways, W. Schneider, K. Schütte, M. Seddon, M. Séga Diop, E. Sieben, J. Simaika, J. Šinžar-Sekulić, P.H. Skelton, J. Snoeks, G. Soliman, J. Somua Amakye, D. Soumaré Ndiaye, J.S. Sparks, A-S. Stensgaard, M. Stiassny, F. Suhling, E. Swartz, S. Tchibozo, P. Tchouto, S. Terry, D. Tweddle, T. Twongo, D. van Damme, E. Vela, J. Victor, K. West, F. Wicker

Global Marine Species Assessment


We thank Tom Haas and the New Hampshire Charitable Foundation, Conservation International, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, and the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ocean Fund for their generous support of the IUCN Coral Red List Assessment. We also thank the following for help and support: Moonyeen Alava, Jonathan Baillie, Deb Bass, Hector Reyes Bonilla, Thomas Brooks, Hubert Froyalde, Peter Glynn, Scott Henderson, Cleve Hickman, Michael Hoffmann, Danwei Huang, Vineet Katariya, David Knight, Federico Lopez, Roger McManus, Mike Palomar, Caroline Pollock, Rodolfo Quicho, Jonnell Sanciangco, Michael Smith, Muhammad Syahrir, Romeo Trono, Mariana Vera, Dana Zebrowski, Charles Darwin Foundation, Conservation International Philippines, Darwin Initiative, First Philippine Conservation Incorporated, FirstGen Incorporated, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, Walton Family Foundation, and the Zoological Society of London.


We thank the Society for the Conservation of Reef Fish Aggregations, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, the University of Hong Kong and IUCN for supporting work on groupers. Members of the Groupers & Wrasses Specialist Group who have worked on assessments over the years are: Phil Heemstra, Howard Choat, Liu Min, Michel Kulbicki, David Pollard, Barry Russell, Beatrice Padovani, Melita Samoilys, Annadel Cabanban, Pat Colin, Matt Craig, Luiz Rocha, Kevin Rhodes, William Cheung, Rob Myers, Being Yeeting, Athila Andrade, Dave Cook, Andy Cornish, Patrice Francour, Mauricio Hostim Silva, Chris Koenig, Graciela Garcia-Moliner, Kwang-Tsao Shao and Sean Fennessy, with excellent technical support from Rachel Wong.

Marine Turtles

We would like to thank all those members of the Marine Turtle Specialist Group who have given so selflessly of their time to carry out the detailed research and analysis required to conduct the assessments for each of the turtle species, and all of those who have shared their data so that the assessors could produce the most accurate of assessments. We are grateful to the Marine Turtle Specialist Group (MTSG) Assessment Steering Committee and its Chair for all the hard work and careful independent review of each assessment. We also acknowledge all of the host institutions for MTSG members, which allow us to invest time, energy and dedication into meeting research and conservation goals for these valuable species.


We thank Conservation International, the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, Defra, IUCN, Pew Lenfest Ocean Program, Marine Conservation Biology Institute and numerous other funders of the SSG’s various Red List workshops over the past five years for their generous support. Full details are provided on the Sponsors page of the SSG’s website. We thank all members of the Shark Specialist Group and invited regional and international experts who have contributed to assessments for their valuable time and enthusiastic commitment to species conservation, without which this work would not be possible. We also thank Caroline Pollock, Craig Hilton-Taylor and the GMSA team for help and support.

Sampled Red List Assessment

We greatly acknowledge the funding support of the following organizations: Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Rufford Maurice Laing Foundation, Global Environment Facility through the 2010 Biodiversity Indicators Partnership, The North of England Zoological Society (Chester Zoo), the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation through Conservation International, Natural Environment Research Council and the Centre for Population Biology, Imperial College London, The Fishmongers’ Company.

Core Team

Jon Bielby, Anna Chenery, Zoe Cokeliss, Blythe Jopling, Sarah Lewis, Paul Lintott, Nicola Lipczynski, Hannah Peck, Gary Powney, Jennifer Sears, Kate Sullivan, Oliver Wearn, Penny Wilson, Sally Wren, and Tara Zamin.

IUCN Specialist Groups and Species Programme

BirdLife International (Stuart Butchart, Ali Stattersfield); Crocodile Specialist Group (Tom Dacey); Freshwater Biodiversity Unit (Will Darwall, Anna McIvor, Kevin Smith); Freshwater Fish Specialist Group (Gordon McGregor Reid); Global Mammal Assessment (Janice Chanson, Mike Hoffman, Jan Schipper); Global Marine Species Assessment (Kent Carpenter, Suzanne Livingstone, Beth Polidoro); Global Reptile Assessment (Janice Chanson, Neil Cox, Simon Stuart); Groupers and Wrasses Specialist Group (Yvonne Sadovy); Mediterranean Red List Assessment (Annabelle Cuttelod); Marine Turtle Specialist Group (Milani Chaloupka); Odonata Specialist Group (Viola Clausnitzer, Vincent Kalkman, Frank Suhling); Red List Unit (Craig Hilton-Taylor, Vineet Katariya, Caroline Pollock); Syngnathid Red List Authority (Amanda Vincent, Heather Koldaway, Sarah Bartnik, Eve Robinson and Sian Morgan Shark Specialist Group (Sarah Fowler, Claudine Gibson, Sarah Valenti); Tortoise and Freshwater Turtle Specialist Group (Anders Rhodin, Peter Paul van Dijk).



Klaus Adolphs, Cesar Aguilar, Allen Allison, Natalia Ananjeva, Steve Anderson, Sergio Augusto A. Morato, Mark Auliya, Christopher Austin, Sherif Baha el Din, Raoul Bain, Aaron Bauer, Daniel Bennett, Don Broadley, Sharon Brooks, Rafe Brown, Juan Camilo Arredondo, Ashok Captain, Angus Carpenter, Fernando Castro, David Chapple, José Rogelio Cedeño-Vázquez, B.C. Choudhury, Diego F. Cisneros-Heredia, Lázaro Cotayo, Harold Cogger, Gabriel C. Costa, Teresa Cristina Sauer Avila-Pires, Pierre-Andre Crochet, Brian Crother, Felix Cruz, Ranjit Daniels, Neil Das, Ignacio de la Riva, Kevin de Queiroz, Anslem de Silva, Maria del Rosario Castandea, Lutz Dirksen, Jim R. Dixon, Tiffany M. Doan, Paul Doughty, Dirk Embert, Robert E. Espinoza, Richard Etheridge, Andre Felipe barreto Lima, Xie Feng, Lee Fitzgerald, Fred Franca, Leonardo Francisco Stahnke, Tony Gamble, Miguel A. García, Juan Elías García-Pérez, Maren Gaulke, Phillipe Geniez, Stephen Goldberg, David Gower, Eli Greenbaum, Lee Grismer, Michael Guinea, Jakob Hallermann, Kelly Hare, Mike Harvey, Harold Heatwole, S. Blair Hedges, Neil Heideman, Robert Henderson, Rod Hitchmough, Karim V. D. Hodge, Paul Horner, Barry Hughes, Mark Hutchinson, Ivan Ineich, Bob Inger, Richard Jenkins, Tony Jewell, Ulrich Joger, Hinrich Kaiser, Dave Kizirian, Paul Kornacker, Axel Kwet, Enrique La Marca, William Lamar, Malcolm Largen, Michael Lau, Matthew LeBreton, Edgar Lehr, Kuang-Yang Lue, César Luis Barrio-Amorós, Luca Luiselli, Vimoksalehi Lukoschek, Mikael Lundberg, Robert Macy, Ulrich Manthey, Jean Mariaux, Otavio Marques, Marcio Martins, Brad Maryan, Nixon Matthews, Gregory Mayer, Werner Mayer, Colin McCarthy, Randy McCranie, Michele Menegon, Sanjay Molur, Tami Mott, Hidetoshi Ota, Jose Ottenwalder, Theodore Papenfuss, Fred Parker, Olivier Pauwels, Tony Phelps, Eric Pianka, Steven Platt, Paulino Ponce-Campos, Robert Powell, Raju Radder, Arne Rasmussen,Chris Raxworthy, Bob Reynolds, Gilson Rivas, Mark-Oliver Rödel, Lourdes Rodríguez Schettino, Nelson Rufino de Albuquerue, Ross Sadlier, Hermann Schleich, Andreas Schmitz, Muhamad Sharif Khan, Glenn Shea, Richard Shine, Roberto Soberón, Ruchira Somaweera, Steve Spawls, Peter Stafford, Bryan Stuart, Rob Stuebing, Gerry Swan, Sam Sweet, Manoel Alonso Tabet, Roberto Ramos Targarona, John Thorbjarnsarson, Colin Tilbury, Peter Tolson, Sam Turvey, Johan van Rooijen, Monique van Sluys, Alvaro Velasco, Miguel Vences, Milan Veselý, Gernot Vogel, Milan Vogrin, Raju Vyas, Fabiano Waldez, Van Wallach, Bryon Wilson, Larry Wilson, Kaiya Zhou, George Zug.

Tortoises and Freshwater turtles

Patrick J. Baker III, Alexandre Batistella, Bill Branch, Russell Burke, Olga Victoria, Castaño Mora, Tomas Diagne, Ken Dodd, Sean Doody, Michael Dorcas, David Emmett, Kevin Enge, Alejandro Fallabrino, Arthur Georges, Justin Gerlach, Shi Haitao, Magaretha Hofmeyr, John Iverson, Michael Lau, Dwight Lawson, Luca Luiselli, William Magnusson, Sebastien Metrailler, Steven Platt, Peter Pritchard, Willem Roosenburg, Tracy Tuberville, Sabine Vinke, Thomas Vinke, and Richard Vogt.

Freshwater fish

Jenkins Aaron, Nina Boguskaya, Will Darwall, Rema Devi, Roberto Esser dos Reis, Tan Heok Hui, Fang Kullander, Philippe Laleye, Flavio Lima, Topis Macbeath, Gordon McGregor Reid, and Jos Snoeks.


Viola Clausnitzer, Vincent J. Kalkman, Matjaz Bedjanic, Klaas-Douwe B. Dijkstra, Rory Dow, John Hawking, Haruki Karube, Elena Malikova, Dennis Paulson, Kai Schütte, Frank Suhling, Reagan Joseph Villanueva, Natalia Ellenrieder, and Keith Wilson.


Fernando Alvarez, Felix Y.K. Attipoe, Martha R. Campos, France-Lyse Clotilde-Ba, Neil Cumberlidge, Savel R. Daniels, Lara J. Esser, Celio Magalhaes, Anna McIvor, Tohru Naruse, , Peter K.L. Ng, Mary B. Seddon, and Darren C.J. Yeo.


Mediterranean Regional Assessment Project

Follow this link to the Acknowledgements

Assessors and Evaluators

Producing the IUCN Red List would not be possible were it not for the extraordinary enthusiasm, dedication and willingness of many people around the world who contribute an enormous amount of time and effort to supply Red List assessments and the supporting documentation required for The IUCN Red List. In particular, we must acknowledge all the SSC Specialist Group Chairs, Red List Authority focal points, Specialist Group members, and the many field scientists who have been involved in contributing to The IUCN Red List. In the list below we have tried to highlight all the individuals whose contributions appear on the 2008 IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™. With such a long list of names, it is highly probable that we have inadvertently forgotten someone or spelt names incorrectly; please forgive us.

The IUCN thanks:

Abba, A., Abbott, J.C., Abbott, T., Abdel Rahman, E., Abe, H., Abramov, A., Abrar, M., Abreu-Grobois, A., Abril, V.V., Abu Baker, M.A., Abuzinada, A.H., Acero, A., Acevedo Rodríguez, A., Acevedo, M., Acosta, A., Acosta, G., Acosta-Galvis, A., Acuña, E., Adams, M., Adams, W.F., Addoor, S.N.R., Adema, F., Adoor, S., Aeby, G., Afuang, L., Agarwal, I., Agoo, E.M.G., Aguilar, A., Aguilera, M., Aguirre Leon, G., Aguirre, L., Agwanda, B., Ahmad Disi, G.D., Ahmad Khan, J., Ahmad, N., Ahmed Khan, J., Ahmed, M.F., Ajtic, R., Ajtic, R., Akinyi, E., Al Dosary, M., Al Habhani, H.M., Al Khaldi, A.M., Al Mutairi, M.S., Al Nuaimi, A.S.M., Alberth Rojas, C., Alberts, A., Albornoz, R., Alcala, A., Alcala, E., Alcaldé, J.T., Alcaraz, D., AL-Eisawi, D.M.H., Alempath, M., Alfonso, G.L., Alford, R., Algarra Ávila, J.A., Alkon, P.U., Allen, G., Allen, G.R, Allet, M., Allison, A., Almada-Villela, P., Almandáriz, A., Almeida, D., Almeida, Z., Almendáriz, A., Alonso, A.M., Alonso, R., Altrichter, M., Alvarado, S.O., Alvares, R., Alvarez Castaneda, S.T., Alvarez, F., Alvarez, R., Álvarez, S., Alvarez, S.J., Álvarez-Castañeda, S., Alves, P.C., Alviola, P., Amanzo, J., Ambal, G., Amézquita, A., Amiet, J.-L., Amir, O.G., Amori, A., Amori, G., Amorim, A.F., Amorós, C.L.B., Amoroso, V.B., Amr, Z., Anacleto, T., Anandanarayanan, Ananjeva, N., Ancrenaz, M., Andayani, N., Andelt, W., Anderson, E.F., Anderson, M., Anderson, P.K., Anderson, R., Anderson, R.P., Anderson, S., Andrade, G., Andrainarivo, C., Andreone, F., Andrews, H.V., Andriafidison, D., Andriaholinirina, V.N., Andrianjakarivelo, V., Andrianjakavelo, V., Ángeles Ortiz, M., Angelici, F.M., Angerbjörn, A., Angulo, A., Anstis, M., Anthony, B., Anwarul Islam, Md., Ao, M., Aparicio Rojo, J.M., Aplin, K., Appleton, B., Appleton, C., Aquino, L., Araújo, M.L.G., Arboleda, I., Ardila-Robayo, M.C., Areces-Mallea, A.E., Arfelli, C.A., Argolo, A.J.S., Ario, A., Ariunbold, J., Arizabal, W., Arnaud, G., Arntzen, J.W., Aronson, R., Arrendondo, A.G., Arrigoni, P.V., Arroyo, S., Arroyo-Cabrales, J., Arumugam, R., Arzabe, C., Asa, C., Asber, M., Ashenafi, Z.T., Ashton, P., Asmat, G.S.M., Assi, A., Assogbadjo, A., Astua de Moraes, D., Atkinson, R.P.D., Attic, R., Attipoe, F.Y.K., Augerot, X., Aulagnier, M., Aulagnier, S., Aune, K., Aurioles, D., Austin, C., Avermid, D., Averyanov, L., Avila Villegas, H., Avirmed, D., Azeraoul, A., Azevedo-Ramos, C., Azlan, A., Azlan, J., Azlan, M.J., Baard, E., Babieri, R., Babik, W., Bachman, S., Bachraz, V., Bahir, M.M., Baigún, R., Bailey, M., Baillie, J., Bain, R., Baird, R., Baker, C.S., Baker, J., Baker, L.R., Baldi, R., Baldisseri, F., Baldo, D., Baldwin, R., Balestra, A.D., Balete, D., Balfour, D., Ballesteros, F., Balletto, E., Balmforth, Z., Baloyan, S., Bambaradeniya, C., Ban, N.T., Bañares, A., Bandeira, S., Bangoura, M.A., Banks, P., Banks, S., Bannister, J.L., Bantel, C.G., Baorong, G., Baral, H.S., Barashkova, A., Barbanti, M., Barbieri, R., Barker, A., Barker, A.S., Barlow, J., Barnett, A.A., Barnett, L.A.K., Barney, L., Barquez, R., Barrantes, U., Barratt, P., Barratt, P.J., Barrera, G.S., Barriga, P., Barrio, J., Barrio-Amorós, C., Barroso, G.M., Barry, R., Bartels, P., Bartnik, S., Barua, M., Bass, D., Basso, N., Bastos, R., Basu, D., Batbold, J., Bates, P., Batin, G., Batsaikhan, A., Batsaikhan, N., Bauer, H., Baum, J., Baxter, R., Bayona, J., Bayona, J.D.R., Bazante, G., Beachy, C., Beamer, D., Bearder, S., Bearzi, G., Beasley, I., Beauvais, G.P., Beccaceci, M.D., Beck, H., Beckmann, J., Bedjanic, M., Beebee, T., Beentje, H.J., Beerli, P., Beever, E.A., Begg, C., Begg, K., Behler, J., Beier, M., Beja, P., Bekoff, M., Belant, J., Belbachir, F., Bell, B., Bell, T., Bellamy, C.L., Bellingham, P., Bello, J., Benavente, A., Benavides, G., Benda, P., Benedikt Schmidt, A., Benishay, J.M., Bennett, D., Bennett, M.B., Benshemesh, J., Benzie, J., Berducou, C., Bergallo, H., Bergl, R.A., Bergmans, W., Berlin, E., Bernal, M., Bernal, N., Bernal, R., Bernard, R., Bérnils, R.S., Bertolino, S., Bertoluci, J., Bertoncini, A., Bertozzi, M., Best, P.B., Bestelmeyer, S., Beyer, A., Bhat, G.K., Bhatnagar, Y.V., Bhatta, G., Bhatta, T., Bhattacharyya, T., Bhuddhe, G.D., Bhupathy, S., Bianchi, I., Bianco, G., Bianco, P.G., Bibiloni, G., Bickford, D., Bidau, C., Biggins, D., Bigirimana, C., Biju, S., Biju, S.D., Bila-Isia, I., Bilgin, C., Bills, R., Bird, J., Birkinshaw, C., Birkun Jr., A.A., Birstein, V., Bishop, P., Bist, S.S., Bisther, M., Biswas, B.K., Bizzarro, J.J., Bjørge, A., Black, P., Black, P.A., Blair Hedges, R.J., Blair, D., Blakenmore, R.J., Blanc, J., Blanca, G., Bleisch, B., Bleisch, W., Blois, J., Blom, A., Blomquist, S., Bloomer, P., Blotto, B., Boada, C., Boeadi, Boesch, C., Bogan, A.E., Bogarin, D., Bogutskaya, N., Bohlen, J., Böhme, W., Bohs, L., Boisserie, J-R., Boistel, R., Boitani, L., Bolaños, F., Bolívar, W., Bolten, A., Bonaccorso, F., Bonaccorso, F.A., Bonal, B.S., Bonfil, R., Bonham, K., Bonifaz, C., Bonvicino, C., Boonratana, R., Borah, M.M., Boratynski, A., Bordoloi, S., Borges-Najosa, D., Born, E.W., Born, M., Borroto, R., Bosch, J., Bossuyt, F., Bosworth, B., Botello, J.C., Boubli, J.P., Boubli, J.-P., Bouchet, P., Boudot, J.-P., Bour, R., Bóveda-Penalba, A.J., Bowler, M., Bowles, M., Boyd, L., Boyer, A.F., Boza, E., Bozdogan, M., Bradaï, M.N., Bradford, D., Bradley Martin, E., Brahim, K., Branch, W.R., Brandão, R., Brandle, R., Brandon, A., Branstetter, S., Brash, J., Brash, J.M., Brasileiro, C., Braswell, A., Braulik, G., Braulik, G.T., Breed, W., Breitenmoser, U., Breitenmoser-Wursten, C., Brereton, R., Brescia, F., Breuil, M., Brickle, N.W., Bridson, D., Brit, D., Brito, D., Brockelman, W., Broderick, A.C., Bronner, G., Brooke, A., Broome, L., Broughton, D.A., Brown, D., Brown, D., Brown, D.S., Brown, J., Brown, M., Brown, P., Brown, R., Brownell Jr., R.L., Bruce, B., Bruckner, A., Bruegmann, M.M., Brugiere, D., Brule, T., Bucal, D., Buckner, S., Buckner, S.D., Buden, D., Buhlmann, K., Buitrón, X., Bukhnikashvili, A., Bumrungsri, S., Burbidge, A., Burdin, A., Burfield, I., Burger, M., Burgess, G.H., Burgess, G.M., Burgoyne, P.M., Burkanov, V., Burke, A., Burneo, S., Burnett, S., Burrows, J., Burton, F.J., Burton, J., Bury, B., Buskirk, J.R., Bustamante, M.R., Butchart, S., Butterworth, D.S., Butynski, T.M., Buuveibaatar, V., Byers, J., Bygrave, P., Cabanban, A., Cabello, J., Cabezudo, B., Cable, S., Cadena, A., Cadi, A., Cadle, J., Cailliet, G.M., Cairns-Wicks, R., Cajas, J., Cajas, J.O., Caldas, J.P., Calderón Mandujano, R., Calderon, E., Caldwell, I., Callaghan, D., Camancho, J., Camara L., L., Camarda, I., Cambi, V., Cambray, J., Camhi, M., Campagna, C., Campbell, J.A., Camperio-Ciani, A., Canseco-Márquez, L., Cantley, R., Canty, P., Capper, D., Caramaschi, U., Carauta, J.P.P., Caraway, V., Carbajal, R., Carbyn, L., Cardiff, S., Cardiff, S.G., Cardozo, V., Carey, C., Caringal, A.M., Cariño, A., Cariño, A.B., Carino, P., Carlisle, A.B., Carlson, J., Carlson, J.K., Carlstrom, A., Carmona, J., Carnaval, A.C., Carpenter, K., Carqué Álamo, E., Carr, J.L., Carranza, S., Carrick, F., Carrington, C.M.S., Carrión Vilches, M.Á, Carron, G., Carter, R.L., Carter-Holmes, S., Carvalho, L.d'A.F., Cashatt, E., Caso, A., Casper, B.M., Cassinello, J., Castañeda, F., Castellanos, A., Casteñeda, F., Castillo, A., Castro, A.L.F., Castro, F., Castro, O., Castro-Arellano, I., Castroviejo-Fisher, S., Catenazzi, A., Catling, P., Catzeflis, F., Causado, J., Cavalcanti, T.B., Cavallini, P., Cavanagh, R.D., Ceballos, N., Cedeño, A., Cerón, C., Cervantes, F.A., Céspedez, J., Chakraborty, S., Chalise, M., Chaloupka, M., Chalukian, S., Chan Tak-Chuen, T., Chan, B., Chan, B.P.L., Chan, S., Chan, T., Chanard, T., Changyuan, Y., Channing, A., Chanson, J., Chaparro, J.C., Chaparro-Auza, J.C., Chapman, R., Chapman, R.E., Chardonnet, P., Charvet-Almeida, P., Chaudhry, A.A., Chauhan, N.P.S., Chaves, G., Cheek, M., Chemnick, J., Chen, X.-Y., Cheng, L., Cheylan, M., Chhangani, A., Chiang, P.J., Chiaramonte, G., Chiaramonte, G.E., Chiarello, A., Childerhouse, S., Chin, A., Chiozza, F., Chippindale, P., Chiramonte, G., Chiramonte, G.E., Chiriboga, A., Chitaukali, W., Choat, H., Choat, J.H., Chou Wenhao, Choudhury, A., Choudhury, B.C., Christodoulou, C.S., Christodoulou, S., Christoff, A., Christofides, Y., Chua, L.S.L., Chuaynkern, Y., Chuen, N.W., Chundawat, R.J., Chundawat, R.S., Chundaway, R.A., Chung, R.C.K., Church, D., Cianfrani, C., Cilliers, S., Cisneros-Heredia, D., Clapham, P.J., Clark, D., Clark, J.L., Clark, T.B., Clarke, C., Clarke, D., Clarke, G.P., Clarke, J., Clarke, M., Clarke, M.W., Clarke, S., Clausnitzer, V., Cliff, G., Clò, S., Cloete, E., Clotilde-Ba, F.-L., Clubbe, C., Coelho, R., Coetzee, N., Cogal, D., Cogalniceanu, D., Cogger, H., Cole, N., Collen, B., Colli, G., Collins, J., Collins, K., Collins, T., Coloma, L.A., Compagno, L.J.V., Connolly, R., Conran, J.G., Conrath, C., Conroy, J., Constantino, E., Contreras-Balderas, S., Conyers, J., Cook, S., Cook, S.F., Cooke, J., Cooper, N., Cootes, J., Copley, P., Coppois, G., Corbett, L.K., Cornejo, F., Cornejo, X., Cornish, A., Cornish, A.S., Coroiu, C., Coroiu, I., Correia, J.P.S., Cortés, E., Cortés, J., Cortés-Ortiz, L., Cortez, C., Corti, C., Corti, M., Corti, P., Cossios, D., Cossíos, E.D., Costa, L., Costa, P., Cotayo, L., Cotterill, F.P.D., Cotterill, F.W., Cotton, E., Courtenay, O., Covert, B., Cowie, R., Cowie, R.H., Cox, D., Cox, N., Coxe, S., Craig, C., Craig, M., Crandall, K., Craul, M., Craven, P., Crawford-Cabral, J., Creel, S., Crespo, E.A., Crespo, M.B., Cribb, P., Cribb, P.J., Crider, D., Crivelli, A., Crivelli, A.J., Crochet, P.-A., Crochet, P-A., Crombie, R., Cronk, Q.C.B., Crosby, M., Crouse, D., Crump, M., Cruz, G., Cruz-Aldan, E., Csiba, L., Csorba, G., Cuarón, A.C., Cuarón, A.D., Cuéllar, E., Cumberlidge, N., Cumming, D.H.M., Cunningham, M., Curtis, B., Custodio, C., Cuzin, F., Cypher, B.L., D’Anatro, A., Da Costa, L., da Cruz, C.A.G., da Fonseca, G.A.B., Dacey, T., Dagit, D.D., Dahal, B., Dalebout, M.L., Dalponte, J., Daniel, B.A., Daniels, R., Daniels, S., Daniels, S.R., Darbyshire, I., Darman, Y., Darria, J., Darwall, W., Das, I., Das, J., Datong, Y., Dávalos, L., Davenport, T., Davenport, T.R.B., David, J., Davidson, C., Davis, G.S., Dawson, S.E., Dawson, S.M., Day, M., de A. Goonatilake, W.I.L.D.P.T.S., de Almeida, M.P., de Bustos, S., de Carvalho, M.R., de Carvalho, M.R., de Grammont, P.C., de Granville, J.J, de Iongh, H., De Jong, Y., De Jong, Y.A., de la Riva, I., de la Sancha, N., de la Torre, S., de Lange, P.J., De Leon, J., De Luca, D., de Montmollin, B., de Oliveira, L.F., de Oliveira, M.M., de Oliveira, T., de Silva, A., de Silva, P.K., de Smet, K., de Thoisy, B., de Tores, P., De Vega, C., de Villalobos, A., de Villiers, A., de Vogel, E.F., de Wilde, W.J.J.O., de Winter, A.J., Decher, J., Degani, G., Deka, P., Dekker, W., Delbeek, J.C., Delgado, C., Delgado, T., D'Elia, G., Delphey, P., DeLuycker, A.M., Denham, J., Denny, M., Denoël, M., Derocher, A., Derocher, A.E., Desai, A., Deutsch, C.J., DeVantier, L., d'Huart, J.P., Di Bernardo, M., Di Fiore, A., Di Giácomo, E., di Tada, I., Díaz, A., Diaz, A.G., Diaz, G.Q., Díaz, L., Díaz, L.M., Diaz, M., Díaz-Paéz, H., Di-Bernardo, J.C., Dicht, R.F., Dickman, C., Diesmos, A., Diesmos, M.L., Dieterlen, F., Dijkstra, K.-D.B., Din, S.B.E., Ding-Qi, R., Dinh Thong, V., Dipper, F., Disi, A., Disi, M., Ditchfield, R., Dittus, W., Dixon, R., Do Tuoc, Doadrio, I., Dobbs, K., Dodd, K., Doggart, N., Dold, T., Dolino, C., Dollar, L., Domeier, M., Domingo, A., Domning, D., Donaire, F., Donaire-Barroso, D., Donaldson, J.S., Donaldson, T.J., Dong, S., Donnelly, M., Donnelly, N., Donovan, G.P., Dorjderem, S., Dormeier, M., Doroff, A., Doughty, P., Doumbouya, F., Dowl, J.L., Dowler, R., Down, T., Downer, C., Dransfield, J., Dressler, R.L., Drew, C., Drewes, R., Driessen, M., Drioli, M., Driscoll, C., Drummond, L.O., Du Puy, D., Du, L.-N., Duarte, J.M.B., Dublin, H.T., Duckworth, J.W., Ducrocq, M., Dudley, S., Dudley, S.F.J., Duellman, W., Duellman, W.E., Duffy, C., Duffy, C.A.J., Dujsebayeva, T., Duke, S., Dulloo, M.E., Dulvy, N., Dunham, A., Dunn, A., Dunnum, J., Dupain, J., Duplaix, N., Durant, P., Durant, S., Durate, J.M.B., Durbin, J., Durbin, L.S., Dutta, S., Dutton, P., Duvall, C., Duya, A., Duya, M., Duya, M.R., Duya, P., Eamkamon, T., Easa, P.S., East, R., Eastwood, A., Ebert, D., Ebert, D.A., Eddowes, P.J., Edgar, G., Edgar, P., Edwards, A., Eeley, H., Ehardt, C., Ehardt, T., Eizirik, E., Eken, G., Eklund, A-M., Ekué, M.R.M., El Din, S.B., El Hassan, M., El Mouden, H., Eldredge, L.G., Elias, P., Ellis, C.M., Ellis, E., Ellis, J., Ellis, J.E., Ellis, M., Ellis, S., Elron, E., Elsey, R., Elvira, B., Emberton, K.C., Emmons, L., Emslie, R., Endrody-Younga, S., Engelbrecht, J., English, K., Enlbrecht, J., Enssle, J., Erdmann, M., Erk’akan, F., Ermi, Z., Espino Castellanos, L.A., Espinoza, C., Esselstyn, J., Esser, L., Essig, F.B., Estupinan, R.A., Eterovick, P.C., Etuge, M., Evans, G., Evans, R., Evans, T., Everett, B., Fa, J., Fabregat Llueca, C., Fagundes, L., Fagundes, V., Fahr, J., Fahr, J., Fairclough, D., Faivovich, J., Faria, D., Faria, V., Farías, V., Farjon, A., Farmer, K.H., Fasola, L., Faulhaber, C.A., Faulkes, C., Feh, C., Feio, R., Feistner, A., Felix, T., Fellers, G., Fellers, G.M., Fellowes, J., Feng, X., Fenner, D., Fennessy, J., Fennessy, S., Ferguson, M., Fergusson, I., Fergusson, I.K., Fergusson, R., Fernades, M., Fernandes, M., Fernández Jiménez, S., Fernández-Badillo, E., Fernandez-Duque, E., Fernando, P., Fernando, S., Ferrari, S.F., Ferreira, B., Ferreira, D.C., Ferreyra, N., Festa-Bianchet, M., Fil, Y., Findlay, K.P., Finet, Y., Finnie, D., Firsov, G.A., Fisher, D., Fitz Maurice, B., Fitz Maurice, W.A., FitzGibbon, C., Flaherty, A., Flammang, B.E., Flander, M., Flannery, T., Florence, J., Florens, D., Flores-Villela, O., Flueck, W., Foerester, C., Foggi, B., Folkerts, G., Fonseca, G.d., Font Garcia, J., Forbes, T., Forchhammer, M., Ford, J., Fordham, S., Formas, J., Formas, R., Formozov, N., Forney, K., Foster, G., Foster, S.J., Foufopoulos, J., Foulkes, J., Fouquet, A., Fournaraki, C., Fowler, S., Fraga Arguimbau, P., Fragoso, J., Francis, C., Francis, M., Francis, M.P., Francis, N., Francisco Jiménez, J., Franco, F.L., Franco, M., Frantzis, A., Fredriksson, G., Freire, E.M.X., Freire-Fierro, A., Frere, E., Frest, T., Fretey, T., Frey, J., Freyhof, J., Frias-Martin, A., Fridlender, A., Friedland, K.D., Friend, T., Frodin, D., Fronst, A., Frost, A., Frost, C., Frost, D., Frost, D.R., Fruth, B., Fu Likuo, Fuenmayor, Q., Fuentes-Ramos, O., Fuller, D., Fuller, T.K., Funes, M., Furey, N., Furtado, M., Furuichi, T., Gadea, J.C.-S., Gadig, O.B.F., Gadsden, H., Gafny, S., Gaikhorst, G., Galat, G., Galat-Luong, A., Gales, N., Galicia Herbada, D., Gallina Tessaro, S., Gallina, S., Gamisans, J., Gang, L., Gankhuyag, P., Ganzhorn, J., Garayzar, C.V., Garbutt, N., García Aguayo, A., Garcia de Souza, G., Garcia, G., Garcia, H., García, I., García, J.C., Garcia, J.E., Garcia, J.J., Garcia, M., Garcia, P., Garcia-Moliner, G., García-París, M., García-Pérez, J.E., García-Vasco, D., Gardner, A., Gardner, M., Gardner, R., Garfì, G., Garner, T., Garrido, A., Garshelis, D.L., Garske, L., Gartshore, M., Gascon, C., Gasgoigne, A., Gasith, A., Gates, C., Gatti, S., Gaubert, P., Gaucher, P., Geberemedhin, B., Gee, G., Geffen, E., Geiger, D., Geise, L., Geissler, P., Geissmann, T., Geist, V., Gelatt, T., Gem, E., Gemmill, C., Gen, P., Geniez, P., Geraldine, V., Gerber, G., Gerber, L., Gerlach, J., Gerson, H., Gese, E.M., Gesti Perich, J., Ghazanfar, S.A., Gianguzzi, L., Giannatos, G., Giannatos, T., Giaretta, A.A., Gibbons, W., Gibson, C., Gibson, C.G., Gibson, R., Gil, A.Q., Gil, E.R., Gil, Y., Gill, R., Gillespie, G., Gilroy, J., Giman, B., Gimenez Dixon, M., Ginsberg, J.R., Gippoliti, S., Giri, V., Giusti, F., Gizejewski, Z., Glaw, F., Gledhill, D., Glowacinski, Z., Gober, P., Goedeke, T., Goettsch, B., Golamco, Jr., A., Golden, C., Golding, J., Goldman, C., Goldman, K.J., Goldstein, I., Goldsworthy, S., Gomez, H., Gómez, L.D., Gomez, R., Gomez-Campo, C., Gómez-Hinostrosa, C., Gómez-Laverde, M., Gondek, A., Gongora, J., Gonzales, J.C., González, B., Gonzalez, E., González, J., González, M., Gonzalez, P., Gonzalez, S., González, S., Gonzalez, T., González-Espinosa, M., Gonzalez-Maya, J., Gonzalez-Maya, J.F., Gonzalez-Porter, G.P., Goodman, D., Goodman, S., Goodman, S.M., Goossens, B., Gordon, G., Gordon, I., Gordonia, I., Goren, M., Gosline, G., Gottelli, D., Gour-Broome, V.A., Gower, D., Grach, C., Grady, J., Graham, K., Graham, K.J., Graham, R., Graham, R.T., Granjon, L., Grant, T., Grassman, L., Grasso, R., Gray, A., Gray, M., Greenbaum, E., Greengrass, E., Gregorin, A.D., Griffin, M., Griffiths, H.I., Griffiths, M., Griffiths, O., Griffiths, R., Grismer, L., Groenedijk, J., Groves, C.P., Groves, M., Grubb, P., Grubbs, D., Grubbs, D.R., Grubbs, R.D., Gruber, S., Gu Huiqing, Guadagnin, D.L., Guallart, J., Guanfu, W., Guayasamin, J., Güemes, J., Guevara, M.A., Guineo, G., Gumal, M., Gunatilake, S., Gunawardena, M., Güner, A., Gunn, A., Günther, R., Gururaja, K.V., Gutierrez, B., Gutiérrez, L., Guttiérrez, E.E., Guttman, A., Guzmán, A., Guzmán, H., Ha, D.S., Haaker, P., Haase, M., Habib, B., Hack, M., Hack, M.A., Hadfield, M., Hadjikyriakou, G., Hadjisterkotis, E., Hadway, L., Haevermans, T., Hafner, D.J., Hahn, N., Hai Yin, W., Haines, W.P., Haitao, S., Hajkova, P., Hall, J., Hall, L., Hallingbäck, T., Hämäläinen, M., Hamer, M., Hamilton, R., Hamilton, S., Hammer, S., Hammerson, G., Hammerson, G.A., Hammond, J., Hammond, P.S., Hampson, K., Han, K.H., Han, S., Hanken, J., Hanski, I., Hanssens, M., Happold, D., Happold., M., Hardersen, S., Harding, L., Hardy, J., Hare, J., Hareide, N., Härkönen, T., Harmelin-Vivien, M., Harris, R., Harris, R.B., Harrison, J., Harrison, J., Hart, J., Hart, J.F., Hart, T., Harvey, M., Hashimoto, C., Hashimoto, T., Hawking, J., Hawkins, A.F.A., Hawkins, C.E., Hawthorne, W., Haxhiu, I., Hayes, W.K., Haynes, J., Hays, D., Haywood, M., Heaney, L., Hearn, A., Heckel, J.-O., Héctor, M., Heddle, M., Heddle, M.L., Hedges, B., Hedges, S., Heemstra, P.C., Heenan, A., Hefner, R., Heide-Jørgensen, M.P., Helgen, H., Helgen, K., Heller, J., Henderson, A., Henderson, R., Henschel, P., Henttonen, H., Herbert, D., Herbert, D.G., Herbert, J., Herbinger, I., Herman, A., Hermann, P., Hernández González, A., Hernández Luís, A., Hernández, C., Hernández, H.M., Hernandez, M., Hernández-Bermejo, E., Herndon, A.P., Hero, J.-M., Herrera, M.I., Herrera-Molina, F., Herrero, J., Herrero. J., C., Herrington, R., Herrmann, H.-W., Hersteinsson, P., Hess, W.J., Heupel, M., Heupel, M.R., Heyer, R., Heymann, E., Hicham, M., Hickman, C., Hicks, C., Hiep, N.T., Hierro, M.J., Highton, R., Hill, K.D., Hill, R., Hilton-Taylor, C., Hines, H., Hinton, G., Hinton, G.B., Hinton, G.S., Hobbelink, M.E., Hoces, D., Hodgetts, N., Hodgson, G., Hoeck, H., Hoeksema, B., Hoeksema, E., Hofer, A., Hoffmann, M., Hofmeyr, G., Hogan, Z.S., Hohmann, G., Holden, J., Holdsworth, M., Holekamp, K.E., Hollingsworth, B., Holtzhausen, H., Holtzhausen, H.A., Hon, J., Honer, O., Honess, P., Hong-Wa, C., Hoock, A., Hoogmoed, M., Horner, P., Horodysky, A.Z., Horrocks, J., Horsup, A., Hoskin, C., Hounsome, M., Howard, J., Howell, K., Howeth, J., Hozbor, N., Hrabar, H., Hraoui-Bloquet, S., Htun, S., Hua, Z.Z., Huacaz, D., Huang, D., Huber, D., Hudson, R., Hughes, C., Huibin, Z., Huiqing, G., Huitson, A., Human, B., Human, B.A., Humle, T., Hunt, K.D., Hunter, C., Hunter, L., Huntsman, G., Hurley, M., Hurter, J., Hussain, S.A., Hutson, A.M., Hutson, T., Hutterer, R., Huveneers, C., Ibanez, M., Ibáñez, R., Ibéné, B., Ibisch, P.L., Icochea, J., Idriz, H., Ilambu, O., Iliffe, T.M., Impson, D., Incháustegui, S., Indrawan, M., Ineich, I., Inger, R., Ingle, N., Iñi, Inoue, K., Insall, D., Irwin, K., Isailovic, J.C., Isfendiyaroglu, S., Is-haquou Daouda, H., Ishchenko, V., Ishihara, H., Ishii, N., Iskandar, D., Isnan, W., István Kiss, M.P., Iverson, J., Iverson, J.B., Izawa, M., J Lee, J., Jackson, D., Jackson, J., Jackson, P., Jackson, R., Jacobs, D., Jaeger, J., Jaén Molina, R., Jaffré, T., Jakubowsky, G., James, D., James, R., Jansen, M., Jaramillo, C., Jaramillo, T., Jaramillo-Legorreta, A., Jaya, J.P, Jayat, J., Jayat, J.P, Jdeidi, S., Jdeidi, T., Jeanmonod, D., Jefferson, T.A., Jehle, R., Jenkins, P., Jenkins, R., Jenkins, R.K.B., Jennings, A., Jennings, A.P., Jennings, R., Jensen, J., Jerusalinsky, L., Jhala, Y.V., Jiang Zhigang, Jiang, Y.-E., Jianping, J., Jiddawi, N., Jimena San Martín, M., Jiménez Martínez, J.F., Jiménez, J., Jiménez, J.E., Joger, U., Joglar, R., Johan, O., Johnsingh, A.J.T., Johnson, D., Johnson, K., Johnston, C.H., Jones, A., Jones, C., Jones, G., Jones, M., Jones, T., Jordan, M., Jørgensen, P., Jørgensen, P.M., Jorgensen, S., Joshua, J., Jowkar, H., Juncá, F., Jungfer, K.-H., Juškaitis, R., Juste, J., Kaariye, X.Y., Kadis, C., Kahwa, D., Kalkman, C., Kalkman, V., Kalkman, V.J., Kamenya, S., Kanchanasaka, B., Kaneko, Y., Kappeler, P., Karanth, U., Karatas, A., Karatash, A., Karczmarski, L., Karsen, S., Kasembe, J., Kasuya, T., Katende, A.B., Kaufman, L., Kauhala, K., Kaunda, E., Kawada, S., Kawanishi, K., Kays, R., Kazembe, J., Kebede, F., Kefelioglu, H., Keirulff, M.C.M., Keith, M., Kelly, B.T., Kelly, D.L., Kelly, M., Kelt, D., Kemper, C., Kemper, K., Kendrick, A.J., Kerbis Peterhans, J., Kerle, A., Kessner, V., Keuroghlian, A., Kevan, P.G., Khac Quyet, L., Khalikov, R., Khan, J., Khan, M.K.M., Khan, M.S., Khan, W., Khat Quyet, L., Khawa, D., Khonsue, W., Khorozyan, I., Kierulff, C., Kierulff, C.M., Kierulff, M.C.M., Kiesling, R., Kilburn, R.N., Kiliç, T., King, S.R.B., Kingdon, J., Kingston, N., Kingston, T., Kipping, J., Kis, I., Kiss, I., Kittle, A., Kiwi, L.K., Klingel, H., Knapp, C.R., Knowlton, F., Kochummen, K.M., Kock, D., Koenig, C., Koenig, S., Kofoky, A.F., Köhler, G., Köhler, J., Kohorn, L., Kok, P., Konstant, B., Koprowski, J., Kotas, J.E., Kottelat, M., Kouadio, A., Kovacs, K., Kovács, T., Kovács, T., Kozlowski, A., Kranz, A., Krasinska, M., Krasinski, Z.A., Kraus, F., Kreb, D., Krecsák, L., Krentz, S., Kristensen, T., Kristensen, T.K., Krose, M., Kryger, U., Kryštufek B., A.A., Kryštufek, B., Kuangyang, L., Kubicki, B., Kuchling, G., Kukherjee, S., Kulbicki, M., Kulka, D., Kulka, D.W., Kullander, F., Kumar Chhangani, A., Kumar, A., Kumar, N.S., Kumar, S., Kümpel, N., Kunte, K., Künzel, T., Kupfer, A., Kurczewski, F.E., Kurniati, H., Kurt, F., Kuzmin, S., Kwet, A., Kyambadde, R., Kyne, P., Kyne, P.K., Kyne, P.M., Kypriotakis, Z., La Mantia, A., Labat, H., Labat, J.N., Lacher, T., LaClaire, L., Laegaard, S., Lafrance, P., Lahiri Choudhury, D.K., Laidre, K., Lajmanovich, R., Laker, J., Lakim, M., Lamarque, F., Lamilla, J., Lamilla, J.M., Lammertink, M., Lamónaca, A.F., Lamoreux, J., Lanfranco, E., Lang, B., Lange, C., Lange, C.N., Langguth, A., Langone, J., Lanjouw, A., Lanza, B., Lara-Ruiz, P., Largen, M., Lascelles, B., Last, P., Last, P.R., Lastica, E., Latroú, G., Lau, M.W.N., Laurenson, M.K., Lavilla, E., Lavin, P., Lavin-Murcio, P., Lavrenchenko, L., Lawes, M.J., Lawson, D., Lawson, D.A., Lazell, J., Lea, J., Lea, R., Leach, G., Leandro, L., Leary, T., Leasor, H., Lecis, R., Lee, B., Lee, J., Lehmann, T., Lehn, C., Lehr, E., Leipelt, K.G., Leite, M.R.P., Leite, Y., Leite-Pitman, R., Leiva, A.M., Lemckert, F., Lemine Ould Sidi, M., Lenain, D.M., Lenin, J., León, N.P.L., Leong Tzi Ming, Léon-Yánez, S., Lescure, J., Leslie, D., Lessa, E., Lessa, R., Leus, K., Leuteritz, T., Lew, D., Lewis, D., Lewis, R., Lewison, R., Lhagvasuren, B., Li Zhenyu, Li, S.Y., Liang, F., Libois, R., Licandeo, R.R., Lichtenstein, G., Licuanan, A., Lidicker Jr., W.Z., Lim, B., Lim, T.W., Lima, A., Lima, R., Limpus, C., Linder, J., Lindquist, E., Lindsey, P., Lindstrom, A., Link, A., Linkie, M., Linzey, A.V., Lippold, L., Lips, K., Lira-Torres, I., Lisney, T.J., List, R., Lister, A., Litt, A., Littlejohn, M., Litvaitis, J., Litvinov, F., Liu Zhengyu, Livingstone, S., Lizana, M., Lizcano, D., Lizcano, D.J., Lkhagvasuren, D., Llamozas, S., Lloyd, P., Loader, S., Loc, P.K., Lockyear, J., Loiselle, P., Loman, J., Loman, J., Long, B., Long, M.A., Loots, S., Lopez Arevalo, H., Lopez Gonzalez, C., López Jiménez, N., Lopez Luna, M.A., López Udias, S., López, M., Lopez-Gonzalez, C., Lopez-Luna, M.A., Lorenzen, E., Lorenzo, C., Lorica, R., Lorica, R.P., Lorite, J., Lötters, S., Louis Jr., E., Loureiro, M., Lourie, S., Lovari, S., Lovell, E., Loveridge, A.J., Lovett, J., Loving, J., Low, B., Lowrey, C., Lowrie, A., Lowry, L., Lowry, P., Lowry, P.P., Loy, A., Lu, S.Y., Lu, W., Lü, Z., Lucherini, M., Ludovic, R., Lue, K., Luiselli, L., Luke, Q., Lumsden, L., Luna-Mora, V.F., Lunde, D., Lunn, N., Lunney, D., Luque Moreno, P., Luque, P., Lüthy, A.D., Luu, N.D.T., Lyenga, A., Lymberakis, P., Lynam, A., Lynam, A.J., Lynam, T., Lynch, J., Lynch, J.D., Maas, B., MacCulloch, R., Macdonald, A.A., Macdonald, D., Macdonald, D.W., Mace, G.M., Maciel, N., MacKinnon, J., MacPhee, R., Madhyastha, N.A., Madulid, D., Madulid, D.A., Maeda, K., Maeda-Martinez, A.M., Maffei, L., Magalhaes, C., Magin, C., Magombo, Z., Magombo, Z.L.K., Maharadatunamsi, D., Maharadatunkamsi, D., Maharandatunkamsi, D., Maheswaran, G., Mahony, M., Mahood, S., Mailosa, A., Mailosi, A., Maisels, F., Makocho, P., Makris, C., Malakar, M.C., Malcolm, J.R., Maldonado-Silva, R.A., Mallari, A., Mallon, D., Mallon, D.P., Malombe, I., Malonza, P., Manamendra-Arachchi, K., Mancina, C., Mancina, C.A., Mancini, P., Mancusi, C., Maneyro, R., Manganelli, G., Manh Ha, N., Mann, T., Mannheimer, C., Mannullang, B., Mansur, M.C.D., Mantilla, H., Mantuano, M., Manullang, B., Manzanares, J.M., Manzanilla, J., Mar, I., Maran, J., Maran, T., Marca, E.L., Maree, S., Marijnissen, S., Marijnissen, S.A.E., Marinhio-Filho, J., Marinho, F., Marinho-Filho, J., Marino, J., Marker, L., Markezich, A.L., Marks, M., Marler, T., Marmontel, M., Marques, O.A.V., Márquez, F., Marquez, R., Marrero Gómez, M.V., Marrero Rodríguez, A., Marsden, A.D., Marsden, D., Marsh, H., Marsh, L., Marsh, L.K., Marshall Mattson, K., Marshall, A., Marshall, A.D., Marshall, B.E., Marshall, L.J., Martin, R., Martínez Lirola, M.J., Martínez Rodríguez, J., Martinez, J., Martinez, J.L., Martínez-Solano, I., Martínková, N., Martins, M., Martins, M.B., Martins, P., Martin-Smith, K., Marty, C., Martyr, D., Martyr, D.J., Maryanto, I., Masafumi Matsui, B.S., Maskey, T., Maslova, I., Mason, T., Masoud, T.S., Massa, A., Masseti, M., Masseti, T., Mateo Miras, J.A., Mateo, J., Mathew, R., Mathieu Denoël, M.S., Matillano, J., Matola, S., Matson, J., Matsui, M., Matthee, C., Matthee, C.A., Mattoccia, M., Mauchamp, A., Maude, G., Maunder, M., Mauremootoo, J., Mauric, A., Mawson, P., Maxwell, A., May, S., Mayol, J., Mayoral García-Berlanga, O., Mazibuko, L., Mazzoleni, R., Mbeiza Mutekanga, N., McAdam, J.H., McAllister, D., McAuley, R., McCallum, H., McCarthy, T., McCord, M., McCord, M.E., McCormack, C., McCracken, S.F., McCranie, J., McCranie, J.R., McCranie, R., McCreery, K., McDonald, K., McDonald, R., McDougall, P.T., McDowall, R.M., McEachran, J.D., McGinnity, D., McGraw, S., McGuinness, C.A., McIvor, A., McKay, J., McKenzie, G., McKenzie, N., McKinnon, J., McKnight, M., McLellan, B.N., McLeod, D., McNutt, J.W., McShea, B., Mead, J.G., Means, B., Measey, J., Mech, L.D., Medecilo, M.P., Medellín, R., Medhi, R., Medici, P., Medina, A., Medina, C., Medina, E., Medina, G., Medina-Vogel, G., Meegaskumbura, M., Meegaskumbura, S., Mehlman, P., Meijaard, E., Meinig, H., Mejia-Falla, P.A., Mellado, V.P., Menard, N., Mendelson III, J., Mendelson, J., Mendes, S.L., Mendoza Qoijano, F., Menegon, M., Menkhorst, P., Menon, V., Menzies, J., Merino, M.L., Merino-Viteri, A., Meritt, D., Meritt, M., Merker, S., Mertzanidou, D., Mesa Coello, R., Meyer, A., Meyer, E., Meyers, D., Miaud, C., Mickleburgh, S., Mignucci-Giannoni, A., Mijares, A., Mikkelsen, P., Milan Vogrin, J.L., Milan Vogrin, M., Mildenstein, T., Millar, A.J.K., Miller, A., Miller, A.G., Miller, B., Miller, D.J., Miller, J., Miller, K.A., Miller, S., Mills, G., Mills, M.G.L., Milne, D., Milner-Gulland, E.J., Ming, L.T., Minter, L., Minton, G., Miquelle, D., Mira, A., Miranda, F., Miras, J.A.M., Mi-Sook, M., Mitani, J.C., Mitchell, J., Mitchell, N., Mitra, S., Mitré, M., Mitsain, G., Mittermeier, R.A., Mix, H., Moehlman, P.D., Moehrenschlager, A., Mogollón, H., Mohammed, O.B., Moler, P., Molinari, J., Molur, S., Monadjem, A., Monkhzul, T., Monkhzul, T.S., Montenegro, O.L., Montesinos, D., Montúfar, R., Monzini, J., Mooney, N., Moore, J., Moore, L., Mora Vicente, S., Moraes, M., Morales, A., Morales, A.L., Morales, M., Morales-Jiménez, A.L., Morato, S.A.A., Moravec, J., Moreira Fernandes, F., Moreira, G., Moreno Saiz, J.C., Moreno, P., Morey, G., Morey, S., Morgan, A., Morgan, A.J., Morgan, B., Morgan, B.J., Morgan, D.B., Morgan, S., Morgan, S.K., Morris, K., Morrison, C., Mortimer, J.A, Moseby, C., Moseby, K., Moss, K., Mostafa Feeroz, M., Mota Poveda, J.F., Motokawa, M., Mouden, E.H.E., Mouna, M., Mouni, A., Moura, R., Moura-Leite, J.C., Mousa Disi, A.M., Moya, C., Moyer, D., Moyer, D.C., Mrakovcic, M., Msuya, C., Muddapa, D., Mueller, H., Mueses-Cisneros, J.J., Mugisha, A., Mukherjee, S., Mulavwa, M., Muller, H., Müller, O., Mumpuni, Munis, M., Munks, S., Munny, P., Muños, A., Muñoz, A., Muñoz, L.J.P., Muñoz-Alonso, A., Murdoch, J., Muriel, P., Murray, D., Murugaiyan, P., Mus, M., Musick, J., Musick, J.A., Musser, G., Mustari, A.H., Muths, E., Mycock, S.G., Myers, R.A., Mylonas, M., Nabhitabhata, J., Nader, I., Nader, I., Nadler, T., Naeer, P.O., Naggs, F., Nagorsen, D.W., Nagy, Z., Nakamura, M., Nakaya, K., Nakazono, A., Nambou, M., Nameer, P., Nameer, P.O., Namora, R.C., Napoli, M., Naranjo, E., Narayan, G., Naruse, T., Narvaes, P., Nascimento, L.B., Natakimazi, G., Natalia Ananjeva, N., Navarrete, H., Navarro, F., Navas, D., Navas, P., Naveda, A., Navia, A.F., Ndiritu, G.G., Ndjele, M.B., Ndunda, M., Neer, J.A., Neill, D., Neira, D., Nekaris, A., Nel, J.A.J., Nel, R., Nellis, D., Nelson, C., Nelson, K., Nerz, J., Nettmann, H.K., New, T.R., Newby, J., Newell, D., Newton, A., Newton, P., Ng Wai Chuen, Ng, P., Ng, P.K.L., Ngereza, C., Nghia, N.H., Ngoc Thanh, V., Nguyen Duc To Luu, Nguyen Tien Hiep, Nguyen Van Nhuan, Nicayeniz, F., Nichols, G., Nicolalde, F., Nijman, V., Nikolic, T., Nistri, A., Nixon, K., Nixon, S., Noblet, J.F., Noblick, L., Nogales, F., Norman, B., Noronha, M.N., Noss, A., Notarbartolo di Sciara, G., Nouira, M.S., Nouira, S., Novarino, W., Novaro, A.J., Novellie, P., Nowell, K., Ntakimazi, G., Núñez, H., Núñez, J., Nusalawo, M., Nussbaum, R., Nyambayar, B., Nyberg, D., Nyhus, P., Nyström, P., Nzeyimana, L., O’Corry-Crowe, G., Oakwood, M., Oates, J., Oates, J.F., Oates, M.R., Obradovitch, M., Obura, C., Obura, D., Ochavillo, D., Ochoa, J., Odhiambo, E.A., O'Donnell, C., O'Donovan, D., Odum, R.A., Oetinger, M.I., Ogi, M., Ogielska, M., Ogrodo, A., Ogrodowczyk, A., Oguge, N., Ohdachi, S.D., Ohler, A., Ojeda Land, E., Ojeda, R., Ojeda., R., Oleas, N., Olech, W., Olgun, K., Oliveira, M.M., Oliveira, R.B., Oliveira, S.N., Oliver, W., Olivieri, G., Olson, A., Olson, L., Olsson, A., Omasombo, V., Ong, P., Ong, R.G., Oommen, O.V., Ordoñez Delgado, L., Orlov, A., Orlov, N., Ortiz, J.C., Osorno-Muñoz, M., Otgonbaatar, M., Ott, J., Ottenwalder, J., Oval de la Rosa, J.P., Ovaska, K., Ovsyanikov, N., Pacheco, V., Packer, C., Packer, K., Padhye, A., Padial, J., Padovani Ferrera, B., Page, W., Paglia, A., Paguntalan, L.M., Painter, C., Paisley, S., Palacios, E., Palazzi, S., Palden, J., Palis, J., Palmeirim, J., Palmeirim, P., Palomares, F., Pamaong, R., Pamaong-Jose, R., Pan, F.J., Pangulatan, L.M., Pangunlatan, L.M., Paniagua, C.D., Pannell, C.M., Papenfuss, T., Paradis, G., Parauka, F.M., Pardina, U., Pardinas, U., Parent, C., Parker, F., Parnaby, H., Parr, M., Parra-Olea, G., Parris, M., Pasolini, P., Passamani, M., Pasta, S., Patel, E., Paton, A.J., Pattanavibool, A., Patterson, B., Patton, J., Patton, J.L., Paul, L., Paul, S., Paulson, D., Paunovic, M., Pauwels, O., Pavan, D., Paxton, J., Paxton, J.R., Payan, E., Payne, J., Pearce-Kelly, P., Pearl, C., Pearson, D., Peckover, R., Pedralli, G., Pedraza, S., Pedregosa, M., Pedregosa, S., Pedro Beja, F.A., Pedro Beja, S.K., Pedrono, M., Peet, N., Peeters, P., Peguy, T., Pei, K.J-C., Peixoto, A.L., Peixoto, O.L., Peñas, J., Pennay, M., Per Nyström, B.A., Perälä, J., Percequillo, A., Percequillo, A.R., Percequillo, C., Percequillo, M., Perdomo, A., Pereira, J., Pereira, J.P., Perera, A., Peres, M.B., Pérez Latorre, A.V., Perez, A.M., Pérez, J.C.W., Pérez, J.M., Perez, M., Perez, N., Perez, S., Pérez, S., Perez, V., Pérez-Mellado, V., Pergams, O., Perieras, A., Perkin, A., Perold, S.M., Perret, J., Perrin, M., Perrin, W.F., Perzanowski, K., Peters, S., Pethiyagoda, R., Petrovic, F., Pfab, M.F., Phan Ke Loc, Pheeha, S., Phillips, C., Phillips, D.M., Phillips, M.K., Phiri, P.S.M., Pickersgill, M., Pierce, S.J., Piercy, A., Piercy, A.N., Pilcher, N., Pilgrim, J., Pillans, R., Pillay, D., Pimenta, B., Pimley, E., Piñeda, C., Pineda, J., Pineda, W., Pinilla, M.P.R., Pino, J., Pino, J.L., Pinto, L.P., Piovezan, U., Pipeng, L., Pires Costa, A., Pires O'Brien, J., Pires-Costa, L., Pita, R., Pitman, N., Pitman, R., Pitman, R.L., Platt, S., Pleguezuelos, J., Ploss, J., Plotkin, P., Plötner, J., Plowman, A., Plumptre, A.J., Pogonoski, J., Pogonoski, J.J., Pokheral, C.P., Pokryszko, B., Polechla, P., Polhemus, D.A., Polidoro, B., Politano, E., Pollard, B., Pollard, B.J., Pollard, D., Pollard, D.A., Pollock, C.M., Pombal, J., Pomilla, C., Pompert, J., Ponce-Campos, P., Ponder, W., Ponder, W.F., Pople, R., Porini, G., Porley, R.D., Potsch de Carvalho-e-Silva, S., Pounds, A., Pourkazemi, M., Povz, M., Powell, J., Powell, J.A., Powell, R., Poyarkov, A., Poynton, J., Pradhan, M.S., Prado, D., Prados, J., Precht, B., Preece, R.C., Price, D., Prina, A., Princee, A., Princee, F., Printes, R.C., Pritchard, P.C.H., Priyono, A., Ptolemy, J., Pucek, Z., Pudyatmoko, S., Puig, S., Puky, M., Punt, A., Puntriano, C.A., Purchase, N., Puschendorf, R., Qarqas, M., Qin, H.-N., Queirolo, D., Queiroz, H.L., Quero, H.J., Querouil, S., Quibilan, M., Quierolo, D., Quijano, S.M., Quintana, C., Quintero Díaz, G., Quintero Díaz, G.E., Qureshi, Q., Rabarivola, F., Rabarivola, J.C., Rabearivelo, A., Rabibisoa, N.H.C., Rabiei, A., Racey, P., Rachlow, J., Rada, M., Raffaelli, J., Raherisehena, M., Rahmani, A.R., Rainho, A., Rajamani, N., Rajeriarison, C., Rakotoarivelo, A.R., Rakotondravony, D., Rakotosamimanana, B., Rakotosamimanana, J.C., Ram, M., Ramala, S.P., Ramanamanjato, J.B., Ramayla, S., Ramiarinjanahary, H., Ramilo, E., Ramirez-Marcial, N., Rand, P.S., Randall, D., Randi, E., Randriamahazo, H., Randriamanantsoa, H.M., Randrianantoandro, C., Randrianasolo, A., Randrianjafy, V., Randrianjohany, E., Randriantafika, F.M., Rangel Cordero, H., Ranivo, J., Ranker, T., Rao, R.J., Rasamimanana, H., Rasamimanana, R., Rashid, S.M.A., Rasmussen, G., Rastegar-Pouyani, N., Rathbun, G., Ratimomanarivo, F., Ratnayeke, S., Ratrimomanarivo, F.H., Ratsi, H., Rattanawat Chaiyarat, Ravichandran, M.S., Ravino, J., Rawson, B., Raxworthy, C., Ray, J., Ray, P., Rayaleh, H.A., Razafimahatratra, E., Razafimanahaka, H.J., Read, J., Reading, R., Reardon, M., Reardon, M.B., Reardon, T., Reboton, C., Reed, J., Reeves, R., Reichle, S., Reid, F., Reid, J.W., Reid, R., Reidl, P.M., Reilly, S.B., Reinartz, G., Reis, M., Reizl, J.C., Renjifo, J.M., Rentz, D.C.F., Retallick, R., Reuling, M., Rey, J., Reyes-Bonilla, H., Reyna, R., Reyna-Hurtado, R., Reynolds III, J.E., Reynolds, J.C., Reynolds, R., Reynolds, V., Rhind, S., Rhodes, K., Rhodin, A.G.J., Rice, C., Richard-Hansen, C., Richards, G., Richards, J., Richards, N., Richards, S., Richards, Z., Richardson, M., Richter, S., Riddle, H., Riga, F., Rigaux, P., Rincon, G., Rios-López, N., Rioux Paquette, S., Ripken, T., Rischer, H., Riservato, E., Rita Larrucea, J., Ritchie, E., Rivalta, V., Rivas, B., Rivas, P., Rivas-Pava, P., Rivera, F., Riyad Sadek, S.H.-B., Robbins, M., Robbins, R., Robbrecht, E., Roberton, S., Roberts, C., Roberts, D., Roberts, D., Robertson, P., Robichaud, W.G., Robinson, L., Robinson, T., Rocha, C.F.d., Rocha, L., Rodden, M., Rödel, M.-O., Rodrigues, F., Rodrigues, M.T., Rodrigues, W.A., Rodriguez, A., Rodriguez, B., Rodríguez, L., Rodríguez-Luna, E., Rodriquez, J.C., Roemer, G.W., Rogers, A., Rogers, S., Rohwer, J.G., Rojas, W., Rojas-Bracho, L., Romano, A., Romero Malpica, F.J., Romero, M., Romero-Saltos, H., Romoleroux, K., Ron, S., Rookmaaker, K., Roos, A., Roos, C., Rorabaugh, J., Rosa, R.S., Rosell-Ambal, G., Rosenbaum, H., Rosmarino, N., Ross, J., Ross, J.P., Ross, S., Rossi, R.V., Rossiter, S., Roth, B., Roth, L., Roux, J.P., Rovero, F., Rovito, S., Roy, D., Ruanco, G., Rübel, A., Rubenstein, D., Rubenstein, D.I., Rueda, A.R., Rueda, L., Rueda-Almonacid, J.V., Ruedas, L., Ruggerone, G., Ruiz, M., Ruiz-Olmo, J., Rumiz, D.I., Runcie, M., Runstrom, A., Rushforth, K., Russell, B., Rutty, R., Ryan, S., Ryan, T., Rylands, A.B., Sadek, R., Sadek, R.A., Sadovy, Y., Saeki, M., Sáenz Goñalons, L., Safina, C., Sagar Baral, H., Saha, S.S., Sahlén, G., Salas, A., Salas, L., Saleh, M., Salim, A., Saltz, D., Salvador, A., Salvia, H., Samarawickrama, P., Samba Kumar, N., Sami Amr, Z., Samiya, R., Samoilys, M., Sampaio, C., Sampaio, E., Samudio, R., Samways, M., San Martín, J., San Martín, J.M., San Martin, M.J., Sánchez Gómez, P., Sanchez Rojas, G., Sánchez, B., Sánchez, J., Sánchez, J.M., Sanchez, R., Sanderson, J., Sandiford, M., Sano, A., Santana, F.M., Santiago, S., Santiana, J., Santos Motta, F., Santos, G., Santos, S.S.D., Santos-Barrera, G., Sanyal, P., Sarig Gafny, A., Sarkar, S.K., Sarker, S.U., Sarmiudo, R., Sarmudio, R., Sarti Martinez, A.L., Sasaki, H., Sá-Sousa, P., Sato, K., Savage, A., Savage, J., Saw, L.G., Sazima, I., Sbordoni, V., Schabetsberger, R., Schaller, G.B., Scheidegger, C., Schembri, P.J., Scherlis, J., Schilthuizen, M., Schiøtz, A., Schipper, J., Schliebe, S., Schlitter, D., Schmidt, B., Schmidt, P.A., Schmitz, A., Schneider, W., Schnell, D., Scholtz, S., Schraml, E., Schreiber, A., Schulte, R., Schulz, M., Schwaner, T., Schwitzer, C., Schwitzer, N., Scott, D., Scott, E., Scott, M.D., Scott, N., Scott, P., Scott-Shaw, R., Sebastian, T., Secchi, E., Secchi, E.R., Sectionov, Sedberry, G., Seddon, M.B., Sedlock, J., Sefass, T., Segalla, M.V., Seisay, M., Self-Sullivan, C., Selvi, F., Semesi, S., Semiadi, G., Seminoff, J.A., Señaris, C., Sengupta, S., Sepulveda, M., Sequin, E., Serena, F., Serena, M., Serena, S., Séret, B., Seri, L., Serra, J.M., Serrano, M., Servheen, C., Seryodkin, I., Sevinç, M., Seychelles, N.P.T.o., Seydack, A., Shaffer, B., Shah, N., Shank, C., Shanker, K., Shar, S., Sharif Khan, M., Sharifi, M., Sharma, J., Sharma, R.K., Shedden, A., Sheftel, B., Shekelle, M., Shenbrot, G., Shepard, D., Sheppard, A., Sheppard, C., Sherbrooke, W., Sherley, G., Sherrill-Mix, S.A., Shi Haitao, Shoemaker, A., Sholz, S., Shoshani, H., Shrestha, N., Shrestha, T.K., Shuk Man, C., Shunqing, L., Sidi, N., Sidiyasa, K., Siegel, R., Siex, K., Siler, C., Siliwal, M., Sillero-Zubiri, C., Silva Jn., J., Silva Jr, J.S., Silva, C., Silva, G., Silva, N.M.F., Silva, S.P.d.C.e., Silvano, D., Simaika, J., Simaika, J.P., Simkins, G., Simons, M., Simpfendorfer, C., Simpfendorfer, C.A., Sinaga, J., Sinaga, U., Sinanga, U., Sindaco, R., Singadan, R., Singh, L.A.K., Singh, M., Singleton, I., Sinha, A., Sinha, R.K., Sinisterra Santana, J., Sinsch, U., Situ Yingyi, A., Situ, A., Siu, S., Skelton, P., Sket, B., Skog, L.E., Skopets, M., Skuk, G., Slack-Smith, S., Slimani, T., Sliwa, A., Slooten, E., Sluys, M.V., Smale, M., Smale, M.J., Smith, A., Smith, A.T., Smith, B., Smith, B.D., Smith, C., Smith, E., Smith, G., Smith, J., Smith, J.A., Smith, K., Smith, R., Smith, R.K., Smith, S.E., Smith, W.D., Snell, H., Snelson Jr., F.F., Snelson Jr., F.S., Snelson, F., Snoeks, J., Sobel, J., Soberón, R.R., Söderström, L., Sogbohossou, E., Solari, S., Soldo, A., Solem, A., Soliano, P., Solís, F., Song, J.-Y., Sonké, B., Soriano, P., Soto, J., Soto, J.M.R., Sotomayor, M., Sousa, M.C., Southwell, C., Sovada, M., Soy, J., Sozen, M., Sparks, J.S., Sparreboom, M., Spector, S., Spelman, L., Spence, C., Spironello, W.R., Spitzenberger, F., Sredl, M., Srinivasulu, C., St. Louis, A., St. Pierre, R., Stamm, C., Stanisic, J., Stankovic, S., Starmühlner, F., Start, T., Stauffer, F., Steel, L., Steffek, J., Stehmann, M., Stehmann, M.F.W., Stehmann, S., Steinmetz, R., Steinmitz, R., Stenberg, C., Stensgaard, A.S., Stephenson, P.J., Sterijovski, B., Sternberg, G., Stevens, D., Stevens, J., Stevens, J.D., Stevens, P.F., Stevenson, D.W., Stevenson, P., Stiassny, M., Stiassny, M.L.J., Stier, S., Stöck, M., Stokes, E.J., Strahan, R., Strahm, W., Strauss, M., Streicher, U., Struhsaker, S., Struhsaker, T., Stuart, B., Stuart, C., Stuart, S.N., Stuart, T., Stubbe, G., Stübbe, M., Stuebing, R., Stuppy, W., Suárez Mejía, J.A., Subirá, R., Sugardjito, J., Sugimura, K., Suhling, F., Suin, L., Sukhchuluun, G., Sukumaran, J., Sumardja, E., Sumardja, M.K.M, Sun, W., Sunarto, S., Sunderland-Groves, J., Sundström, L.F., Sunyer, J., Superina, M., Supriatna, J., Suprin, B., Surprenant, C., Suyanto, A., Suyanto, I., Swan, S., Swartz, E., Syahrir, M., Symes, A., Tabao, M., Tabaranza, B., Taber, A., Tabet, M.A., Taggart, D., Tahar, S., Talavera, S., Tallents, L., Talukdar, B.K., Talukdar, B.N., Tan, B., Tan, B.C., Tandang, D.N., Tandy, M., Tannerfeldt, M., Tapia, F., Targarona, R.R., Tarkhnishvili, D., Tatayah, V., Tattersfield, P., Tavares, V., Taylor, A., Taylor, B., Taylor, B.L., Taylor, J., Taylor, N.P., Taylor, P., Taylor, P.J., Taylor, S., Teclai, R., Teixeira de Mello, F., Tejedo, M., Tejedor, A., Telfer, W., Telles, A.M., Temple, H., Teta, P., Tezoo, V., Thalmann, U., Thanh Hai, D., Thapa, J., Theischinger, G., Thirakhupt, K., Thomas, P., Thomas, R., Thompson, D., Thompson, F.G., Thompson, J., Thomson, B., Thomspon, D., Thorbjarnarson, J., Thouless, C., Thulin, M., Thun, S., Ticul Alvarez, S., Tikhonov, A., Tilson, R., Timberlake, J., Timm, B., Timm, R., Timm, T., Timmins, R., Timmins, R.J., Timmins, T., Ting, N., Ting, T., Tinnin, D., Tinsley, R., Tinti, F., Tirira, D., Tiu, D., Tizard, R.J., Tocher, M., Tok, V., Tokida, K., Tokita, K., Toledo, L.F., Tolson, P., Tomiyama, K., Tooze, Z.J., Toral, E., Torres, D.A., Torres, R.B., Torrijos, I.A., Touk, D., Tous, P., Townsend, J., Traeholt, C., Tran Quang Phuong, Treloar, M.A., Trembley, R., Trillmich, F., Trinnie, F.I., Trocchi, V., Troìa, A., Truong, N.Q., Tsogbadrakh, M., Tsytsulina, K., Tuniyev, B., Turak, E., Turner, A., Turvey, S., Tuthill, J., Tutin, C., Tutin, C.E.G., Tweddle, D., Twongo, T.K., Tye, A., Tyson, M., Ubaldo, D., Úbeda, C., Ugurtas, I.H., Ulloa Ulloa, C., Ungaro, N., Uozumi, Y., Urbán, J., Urbani, B., Urdiales Perales, N., Usukhjargal, D., Uzzell, T., Vagelli, A., Valderrama, C., Valdespino, C., Valdez, R., Valencia, R., Valente, M.C.M., Valenti, S., Valenzuela, J.C., Valenzuela-Galván, D., Valesco, M., Valezco, P., Vallan, D., van der Elst, R., van der Straeten, E., van Dijk, P.P., van Gruissen, J., van Jaarsveld, A., van Lavieren, E., van Manen, F., van Rompaey, H., van Rompaey, J., van Schaik, C., van Strien, N.J., van Swaay, C., van Swaay, C.A.M., van Weenen, J., van Welzen, P.C., Vana, J., Vanitharani, J., Varela, D., Vargas, I., Vargas, J., Varman, R., Varty, N., Vaslin, M., Vasquez Díaz, J., Vasquez, C., Vasudevan, K., Vaz, A.M.S., Vázquez Díaz, J., Vázquez, E., Vázquez, E., Vázquez, R.C., Vázquez-Domínguez, E., Veiga, L.M., Velasco, A., Velazco, P., Velez-Espino, L.A., Velez-Liendo, X., Velilla, M., Veloso, A., Velosoa, J., Vences, M., Venegas, P., Venkataraman, A., Venturella, G., Vera Pérez, J.B., Vera, M., Verdade, V., Vermeer, J., Vermeulen, J., Veron, G., Vicens Fandos, J., Victor, J., Victor, J.E., Vié, J.-C., Vieira, E., Vieites, D., Vijayakumar, S.P., Vila, A., Villalba, L., Villamil, C., Vincent, A., Vincent, A.C.J., Viney, D.E., Vivar, E., Vivero, J.L., Vizcaino, S., Vogel, P., Vogliotti, A., Vogrin, M., Vogt, R.C., Vohralík, V., Vololomboahangy, R., von Arx, B., von Arx, M., von Cosel, R., von Ellenrieder, N., Vonesh, J., Vooren, C.M., Vörös, J., Vovides, A., Vovides, A.P., Vreven, E., Vyas, R., Wabnitz, C., Wacher, T., Wade, P., Wager, R., Wagner, A., Wai, H., Wake, D., Wake, M., Waldemarin, H.F., Waldman, B., Waldren, S., Walker, P., Walker, P., Walker, R., Walker, T.I., Wallace, R.B., Wallance, R., Wallays, H., Walsh, P.D., Walston, J., Walstono, J., Wang Ying-Xiang, Wang, D., Wang, J.Y., Wang, S., Wang, X., Wang, Y., Wanzenböck, J., Ward, D., Warguez, D., Warner, J., Warren, M.S., Watanabe, K., Waters, S., Watling, D., Watson, A., Watson, M., Wayne, A., Wayne, R.K., Webb, R., Weber, M., Wecksler, M., Weil, E., Weinberg, P., Weksler, M., Wells, R.S., Wells, S., Welsh, H., Wenge, Z., Wenhao, C., Werner, R., Werner, Y., Werner, Y., Wheeler, J., Whistler, A., Whitaker Jr., J.O., Whitaker, N., Whitaker, R., White, L., White, W., White, W.T., Whittaker, D., Whorisky, F., Wibisono, H.T., Wich, S., Wich, S.A., Wickramasinghe, D., Widmann, P., Wiesel, I., Wiewandt, T., Wigginton, M.J., Wiig, Ø., Wikelski, M., Wikramanayake, E., Wild, E., Wildermuth, H., Wiles, G., Wilhelmi, F., Wilkinson, M., Williams, D.F., Williams, R., Williams, R.S.R., Williams, S., Williams, S.A., Williamson, E.A., Wilson, B., Wilson, K., Wilson, L., Wilson, M.L., Wilting, A., Win Ko Ko, U., Wingate, D., Winter, J., Wintner, S.P., Witsuba, A., Wogan, G., Woinarski, J., Wolseley, P.A., Wong, G., Wong, S., Wood, E., Wood, J., Wood, K.R., Woodman, N., Woodroffe, R., Woods, C.M.C., Cotterill, F.P.D., Woolley, P., Wozencraft, C., Wranik, W., Wright, D., Wright, P., Wuster, W., Xia, W., Xiang Qiaoping, Xie Feng, Xiuling, W., Xuan Canh, L., Xuelong, J., Yaakob, N., Yahr, R., Yahya, S., Yamada, F., Yambun, P., Yánez-Muñoz, M., Yang, B., Yang, J., Yang, J.-X., Yang, S.Y., Yanling, S., Yano, K., Yapa, W., Yensen, E., Yeo, D., Yigit, N., Ying-xiang, W., Yohannes, H., Yokohata, Y., Yom-Tov, Y., Yongcheng, L., Yongzu, Z., Yonzon, P., Young, B., Young, B.E., Young, J., Yoxon, G., Yoxon, P., Yuan, Y.C., Yuezhao, W., Yustian, I., Zagorodniuk, I., Zambrano, L., Zapfack, L., Zappi, D.C., Zaw, T., Zeballos, H., Zeballos, N., Zeballos, Z., Zemanova, B., Zerbini, A.N., Zhao Ermi, Zhigang, Y., Zhou, K., Ziaie, H., Ziegler, T., Zielinski, J., Zima, J., Zimmermann, W., Zoerner, S., Zona, S., Zortea, M., Zorzi, G., Zug, G., and Zweifel, R.