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Tanzanian toad makes a colourful debut

30 January 2009
New toad species (Photo © P. Whitehorn/Frontier)

News in Brief report from the journal Nature 457, 523 (2009):

The South Nguru Mountains in eastern Tanzania are home to this ornate toad (pictured), a still-unnamed member of the genus Nectophrynoides reported last month (see link below).

It was among 15 amphibian species new to science that were discovered between 2004 and 2006 during surveys by a team led by Nisha Owen of the Frontier Tanzania Forest Research Program in Dar es Salaam.

The palm-sized toad's distinctive orange protuberances are glands, which may also be yellow and green or red. The glands' secretions are as yet unknown, but related amphibians exude noxious compounds to put off would-be predators.


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