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Nepal destroys wildlife stockpiles

24 May 2017
Photo: Destroy of Wildlife Stockpiles

Nepal marked the International Day for Biodiversity by destroying a huge amount of wildlife stockpiles in the Chitwan National Park (CNP), which was stored for about two decades after being seized from poachers.

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation and in the presence of conservation partner organisations and other stakeholders, more than 4000 animal parts and wildlife stockpiles of 48 species were smoked. It includes 67 skins of tiger, 357 horns of rhinoceros, 354 tails elephant, 418 skins of leopard etc. The last such event in Nepal was held in 1997.

The event has provided a symbolic gesture of Nepal’s commitment against illegal wildlife trade and poaching. The Ministry of Forests and Soil Conservation said that the animal parts had to be urgently destroyed as they had started to decay and required considerable resources for their storage and security.

The remarks of CITES Secretary General states, “The event will not end wildlife crime but it does help to raise public awareness of the serious threats posed to wild animals and plants, people and economies by such crimes and it provides an ideal opportunity to make a very public expression of Nepal’s steadfast determination not to tolerate any poaching or illegal trade of its wildlife”.

The event was attended by three Nepalese ministers including foreign affairs, forests and soil conservation, population and environment, along with conservation activists. The historic event affirms the country's commitment to promoting wildlife conservation and to eradicate wildlife crimes.



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