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A users' guide to The IUCN Red List web site

03 April 2009
IUCN Red List of Threatened Species™

In October 2008, the IUCN Red List web site was given a brand new look. The new site has more functionality than ever before. This also means that the site has more detailed search pages that allow increased flexibility in the searches that can be carried out, introduces the ability to store searches for future use or to share search results with others, and allows users to download range data for mammals and amphibians.

In order to help users to navigate their way through the wider range of functions on the web site, a set of instructions have been developed (The Users’ Guide to the IUCN Red List web site. Version 1.0 (March 2009)) and this document is now available to download from the link below (PDF, 2.47 MB). The document contains several sections, providing guidance on how to search the web site, how to navigate through the species fact sheets, how to save searches and export data from the site, and where to find and download GIS data for amphibians and mammals. Use the index to access the section you want (just click on the topic in the index).

A video tutorial on how to search the IUCN Red List web site is also available (follow the link below).



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