The project has been carried out with financial support from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS) under the Partners for Wise Use of Wetlands Programme, managed by Wetlands International. Co-funding for the project was provided by the IUCN Water and Nature Initiative (WANI).

We would like to acknowledge the partner organisations: University of Burundi; National Museums of Kenya; Department of Fisheries, Malawi; Tanzania Fisheries Research Institute, and; Ugandan National Wetlands Programme. We would also like to thank the IUCN Regional Office for Eastern Africa, SSC Specialist Groups and the following people who participated in the workshops and assisted in the regional assessments: Mr John Bayona, Mr Celestin Bigirimana, Mr Elias Bizuru, Mr Sloans Chimatiro, Dr Viola Clausnitzer, Dr Neil Cumberlidge, Dr Nathan Gichuki, Dr Dan Graf, Dr Geoffrey Howard, Mr Richard Kyambadde, Mrs Jacqueline Kazembe, Dr Emmanuel Kaunda, Mr John Kisakye, Prof Thomas Kristensen, Mr Richard Kyambadde, Mr Charles Lange, Mr Thomas Lowe, Mr Paul Mafabi, Dr Zacharia Magombo, Mr P. Makocho, Mr Philip Ochieng Mbeke, Dr Ellinor Michel, Ms Neduvoto Mollel, Mr Mubbala, Mr Alex Muhweezi, Mrs Mbeiza Mutekanga, Dr Benson Mwangi, Mr Felix Nicayenzi, Mr George Ndiritu, Dr Ben Ngatunga, Mrs Christine Ngereza, Prof Gaspard Ntakimazi, Mr Maurice Nyaligu, Ms Leonie Nzeyimana, Ms Elizabeth Akinyi Odhiambo, Mr Dalmas Oyugi, Ms Caroline Pollock, Dr Mary Seddon, Dr Jos Snoeks, Dr Timothy Twongo, Dr Jean-Christophe Vié, Dr Luc De Vos and Dr Kelly West.

Furthermore, we would like to thank Mr Ian May and Dr Bob Smith for their frequent help and advice with the GIS analyses, and Janice Chandon for her invaluable assistance in sorting out the early problems associated with the project database. Finally, we are grateful to Bryan Hugill for assistance in the final editing and reviewing process of this publication.