The core financial support for the Global Amphibian Assessment (GAA) is provided by the Moore Family Foundation and the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, through Conservation International.
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Conservation Partners

Darrel Frost of the American Museum of Natural History provides extensive assistance on taxonomic and nomenclatural issues to the GAA, without which it would be much more difficult to implement the assessment and keep up to date with taxonomic changes. David Wake of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology at the University of California at Berkeley gave us privileged access to the AmphibiaWeb database to help us with the initial data collection process, and continues to be an adviser to the central coordinating team. We are most grateful to both of these people for their unfailing support.
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Contributing Scientists

The assessment of amphibians is entirely dependent on the 650 herpetologists who generously give of their time and knowledge. The enthusiasm and commitment of these people has enabled us to generate a comprehensive global picture of amphibian conservation status. We record our thanks to the following people, asking for forgiveness from anyone whose name is inadvertently omitted or misspelled.
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Photograph Information

Detailed information and photo credits for each of the photographic images in the Amphibian Initiative section of this site.
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